Wake Up, America!

“The world watches America, and America watches TV. America, former land of the free and home of the brave; America, a land in which workers get paid for not working, mothers get paid for not marrying, farmers get paid for not farming, and promoters get paid for fertilizer tanks which ain’t; America, where the only God recognized in the classroom in Santa Claus. A people who lack the morality to stand on their feet and say no will some day have to say yes on their knees. A people who won’t take a stand deserve to take a fall.” – Thomas Jefferson Anderson, 1964

Wake up America!

Dear fellow Americans:

In spite of having elected the best president since Calvin Coolidge, we have not yet won the battle for American liberty.

We have work to do. Our Constitutional Republic is still in grave danger of being destroyed.

Our troops are still scattered over the face of the earth.

The United Nations continues taking powers unto itself.

NAFTA is being renegotiated rather than canceled.

The Constitution is still ignored—and is, in fact, dangerously close to being destroyed via a national Constitutional Convention.

There is an outright war on local police. Violence is erupting across the country.

Education is still controlled federally.

The general populace is still largely ignorant of the founding principles of limited government and protection of God-given rights that made America great in the first place.

Even if President Trump was a strict constitutionalist and made even greater strides than he already has in rolling back federal regulations, ditching the global warming scam, and restoring American sovereignty and independence, he still couldn’t accomplish everything necessary to steer America back onto the road of limited, constitutional government.

And that’s a good thing.

In writing the Constitution, the Founding Fathers deliberately gave all lawmaking powers—that’s 100%—to the legislative branch, Congress—not the executive or judicial branches.

Therefore the president can only do so much toward saving the country.

The rest of it is up to you and me.

Many people realize that the representatives and senators we keep sending to Washington aren’t doing their job correctly. Most of us recognize that Congress  lets the other branches step outside their constitutional limitations, while they themselves also overstep their constitutional boundaries.

But we keep on electing them.

Year after year, the American Congress continues to run up huge deficits through unconstitutional spending—things like foreign aid, disaster relief, welfare, endless bureaucracy, spying on the American people, federalizing local police departments, and doing many other things that would have been unimaginable to our Founding Fathers when they penned a Constitution that granted “few and defined” powers to the federal government.

Yet we keep reelecting them.

In order to accurately prescribe a solution to any problem, the first step is to find the root cause of the problem. If we don’t go all the way down to the deepest roots, or we look at the roots of the wrong tree, we will never be able to discover the true solution.

If we were to suppose that the federal government’s abuse of power is the problem, we would only have discovered the uppermost roots of the problem tree—the ones crawling along above ground and visible to all.

Digging a little deeper, we might guess that the cause of our straying so far from our founding principles is due to subversive influence of our government. But that’s still not the heart and core of our very serious problem.

Here’s the root problem, America:

We the People have allowed our government to grow too big, too expensive, and too intrusive by neglecting civic responsibility.

The problem is us! When Americans would rather watch football, spend their lives on social media, live in virtual realities, and engage in all the other “urgent” things with which we can waste our time than take civic responsibility—that’s where we’ve gone wrong. And that’s why we’re in the mess we are.

This neglecting of civic responsibility has been gradually increasing over multiple generations.

Not without outside influence, of course.

Those who want to rule the world and are pushing for the New World Order have long sought to distract Americans with meaningless, frivolous diversions. They don’t want us to wake up and see our country being rapidly swallowed up by regional and global governance.

Tune into establishment media organs and it won’t take you long to notice the lack of important things discussed. (Granted, they do their best to make the focus of their reporting seem terribly important.) In the political arena, their main focus is on the president—who, as mentioned earlier, does not have a great amount of power—and guess what? How much influence do you really have on the president?

The media directs our attention to either unimportant items or problems we can’t do much about. This powerfully coordinated campaign to destroy America has the advantage of having mainstream media on their side—giving false solutions and spreading misinformation.

If our problem is a widespread and generational lack of civic responsibility, what is the proper solution?

This is an incredibly simple answer:

The Constitution is the solution!

The way Chris Stevens, National Field Director for The John Birch Society, puts it, the American Constitution “enabled a greater amount of freedom and prosperity for a greater number of people than any system ever devised by man.”

The Constitution limits the government rather than the states and the people, creating a free market and an environment that motivates bettering oneself by being allowed to keep the fruits of one’s labor.

In reality our constitutional system is so incredibly simple that any of us can easily learn and understand it—and educate others about it to create a responsible, informed electorate. (But who cares about exerting work like that? Especially during football season!)

An excellent resource to begin to understand the constitutional principles that made America so free and prosperous is The John Birch Society’s Overview of America. In 29 minutes you can get a fascinating overview of why the American experiment in individual liberty worked for so long—and what is happening today.

Once you’ve educated yourself on the Constitution and America’s foundational principles (which is easier than you think), the next step is to move on to sharing your new found knowledge with others. Begin with those in your circle of influence—friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow church members, etc.

Educate them on both the problem (an irresponsible electorate resulting in an irresponsible government) and the solution (a responsible, informed electorate resulting in a constitutional, limited government).

If you went to work educating the electorate in your local community, this would be fantastic. You’d be able to make a difference. You might see a better informed electorate begin making wiser choices in choosing local public servants.

But suppose that you were not the only one educating the electorate in your community. Imagine what would happen if others were doing the same thing, reaching out to their circles of influence with powerful educational material.

Can you think of certain community policies that would begin to change as the educated electorate voted wisely and chose advocates of limited government? Can you rattle off a list of local officials who would be replaced with principled constitutionalists?

Things happen when the electorate is properly informed—and even better, things happen when we work in concert. If you and a dozen others in your community were educating the electorate, you could expect far more changes for the better than if you alone engaged in effective action of this type. Concerted action is powerful.

Now imagine for a moment the difference in our country if thousands of responsible citizens worked to educate and activate their circles of influence all across the country!

There is only one nationwide, concerted-action organization who creates professional educational material for members to distribute all across the nation to their circles of influence and especially leaders and opinion molders. Working in concert on the most significant issues, JBS has repeatedly thwarted the establishment in key battles.

That’s why The John Birch Society has been so viciously attacked by the establishment over the decades since its founding in 1958.

Its founder, Robert Welch, recognized that the collection of conservative single-issue debating societies spread across America could never beat the thoroughly entrenched political establishment pushing us into the New World Order. That’s the reason he founded The John Birch Society—something new and unique in the history of mankind.

Members work in concert all across the nation solving the root of the problem by educating the electorate. JBS produces a vast selection of educational materials for dedicated patriots to use in waking up their fellow citizens.

Properly solving the problem is not easy. It’s far easier to engage in partisan politics or attend rallies and feel that one is making a difference. It’s even easier to ignore the problem entirely and live in blissful ignorance—but ignorance is only bliss for so long. Sooner or later we’d find ourselves asking in despair, “I wonder how we got here?”

We must get involved in saving the republic before it gets to that point because by then it would be too late. Our only recourse at that point would be our guns—if we still had them.

So yes, it is far easier to be a responsible, patriotic citizen now than it would be farther down the road if things do not change.

Creating a responsible informed electorate is the only way we will be able to fix Congress and the rest of the country.

We must work like it depends on us—because it does; and we must pray like it depends on God—because it does.

Will your children and grandchildren enjoy as much freedom as you?

I’ll close with an excellent quote from the same man we began with a quote from.

“I’m for The John Birch Society. Not only that, I’m for Robert Welch. The John Birch Society offers the best organization, the best plan and the best program and leadership I know to save America from socialism, insolvency and surrender. If there is a better organization, lead me to it. I want to join it—and I’m not a joiner. . . .

“‘But I don’t want to join an organization which has been smeared,’ some say. If you belong to an anti-Communist organization which has not been smeared, get out of it, you’re wasting your time. Every person from Martin Dies on down who has done a job against the Communists gets hurt. It’s okay to fight ‘Communism’; that’s sort of like being against sin. But if you do a real job specifically against Communists—their work, their people, their occasions, their events, their programs—you’re going to be crucified. . . .

“It’s a great tribute to The John Birch Society that it is the number one target of the Communist Party in this country. The John Birch Society has been called monolithic. It needs to be monolithic, else it would have been infiltrated and destroyed long ago. But there is no compulsion at any level in The John Birch Society. . . . We don’t believe in compulsion. We believe in individualism. . . . Some people say, ‘But I can do more good on the outside.’ My favorite question to that is: what?” – Thomas Jefferson Anderson, 1963