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A Tribute to a Spectacular American Hero!

robert welch

This is about a man who was one of the most unjustly smeared heroes in our country. He was vilified by the establishment media and talking heads, and received a lot of flak for one of his controversial books, The Politician (an exposé of Dwight Eisenhower). Yet this man was an honorable and dedicated patriot, a man of integrity with an amazing work ethic. His only “crime” for which he was maligned was that of starting a significant organization that was actually stopping the globalists by public exposure through its members! Other conservative groups—who were less active, less effective, and less bold—escaped the harsh condemnation of the Left.

Robert Welch (1899-1985) was the founder of The John Birch Society, an efficient action organization with a dedicated mission “To bring about less government, more responsibility, and – with God’s help – a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and constitutional principles. ”

Welch was a child prodigy, learning to read at age two, and having his multiplication tables down by age four. At seven he began studying Latin. He was taught all this at home by his mother, Lina. Then he went to school. According to G. Edward Griffin in his biography of Welch, The Life and Words of Robert Welch (page 32),

“Miss Wood [Robert’s teacher], unlike Robert’s mother, had never been beyond high school. . . So when it came time to teach algebra to Trim Wilson, her one eighteen-year-old pupil, it developed that she knew very little more about the subject than he did. For young Robert, however, it was old hat, and for the next six months, seven-year-old Master Welch assumed the task of teaching algebra to both his classmate and his teacher.”

Graduating from high school at age twelve, he attended the University of North Carolina. Here he had troubles in philosophy class, because unlike his fascinated, duped classmates, Robert saw right through Professor Williams’ lofty lectures. In fact, he even raised his notepad with H-O-G-W-A-S-H printed in large letters on it to show his classmates during one horrendous philosophy session. Following graduation from the University of North Carolina at age 16, he went to Annapolis for training as a Navy sailor. Just two years of training in Annapolis convinced Robert that he did not want a career in the Navy, especially since the war was over.

He wanted to go into business for himself, but first he spent three years at Harvard Law School (he dropped out shortly before he would have gotten his LL.B. degree, sick of Felix Frankfurter’s socialist classes), during which time he met Marian Probert, who was attending nearby Wellesley. The couple married on December 22, 1922.

Robert went into the candy manufacturing industry, starting from scratch with hardly any money, and established the Oxford Candy Company. It was tough work getting into the established candy market, but through much hard work and perseverance, the Company began to show a profit. Robert was an extremely hard worker; in fact, he worked on the production floor from 6am to 10pm every week day doing hard manual labor! When things got especially tough financially in 1927, he turned the company into a corporation with a board of directors. However, the board soon decided to alter the ingredients in the popular new Welch candy, called Tar Baby (later called Sugar Daddy), in order to make production costs cheaper. Robert believed this would destroy the business. When the board insisted, Robert reluctantly left the company. It turned out his foresight was accurate—

“By the end of the third month their volume of business had dropped so far that management was laying off help. At the end of five months the business was such a hopeless mess that the directors sold the wreck for a song to the Daggett Chocolate Company, which was not in the candy bar business at all but was interested only in the secondhand [candy making equipment].” (Griffin, page 94)

Robert Welch did not give up, however, and proceeded to start a new candy business in New York City, with hardly any more capital than he had when he had started the first business!

Eventually after three separate business adventures (not ventures, mind you, adventures!) he went to work for his younger brother, James, at the James O. Welch Company. This situation worked out well for the company, because both brothers focused on what they were able to do best; James worked on production and finance, while Robert ran the marketing department.

“In 1935, when Robert joined James’ company, it was doing a sales volume of about $200,000 a year. By 1956 this volume had grown to $20,000,000.” (Griffin, page 108)

Robert Welch had found his niche!

In 1958, Robert founded The John Birch Society as one of the only organizations in America to effectively combat communism, which was then a major threat—and still is! Don’t think that all those communists suddenly gave up and disappeared! Liberty must never think that communism, or socialism, or globalism, or any other destructive “ism” they can come up with, is dead. There will always be evil people who want to enslave the world. If they are exposed, they simply go underground, change their name, and reemerge, with the same subversive agenda to rule us all.

While many patriots know about the problems that face our country, most don’t know the proper solution, and of those who do, they work madly like lone rangers, unfortunately accomplishing very little. Unlike the collectivists who work for the globalists, we individualists prefer to be responsible for ourselves, and take the least orders possible from any central organization. We prefer to go ahead with our own plan, work on the things we consider to be of most importance, research everything ourselves, etc.

That’s why communism was gaining so much ground. There were no concerted nationwide action organizations who could actually get things done to stop the globalists. Then, as now, there were plenty of debating societies who didn’t actually accomplish anything.

So while the globalists, with their top-down, monolithic organizational structure, had obedient minions across the world doing their exact bidding, the patriots of America, who desperately wanted to stop the communist agenda, were running around trying to stop this subversive movement and that secret organization, this legislative bill and that executive order, and all the while, they are running in all different directions. Good intentions do not necessarily bring about desired results.

Robert Welch recognized this dire need for a monolithic structure on the patriot side, and founded The John Birch Society (JBS). The Society, which is still active and working today, has members nationwide, who work in chapters on the monthly agenda items. With patriots all across America working on the same items, giving the right information to the right people at the right time, the communist agenda has been significantly set back. They actually planned to have their world government all set up by the 1970’s! And they were well on track to achieving that goal! In 1913 they got their Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax, and in 1945 they got their United Nations (also know as the “dictators’ club”), of which America is unfortunately a member. Yes, they were marching onto world government, while the media employed all their dirty tricks to keep the bulwark of freedom—the American people—in blissful ignorance.

So in 1958 Robert Welch came along and founded an effective organization, modeled after the effective structure of the globalists and communists, and threw a huge kink in the sinister plans of the Insiders. That is why we still have America today! This is very significant!

Of course, the one-worlders never give up, and they are still working today for the same goals. They have gained much ground, unfortunately. To see that the Insiders have gained ground, one need look no further than the establishment media, government indoctrination centers (also known as public schools), the corrupt court system, the usurpation of power at all branches of the federal government, the movement to get us into European Union-style unions through the TPP and the TTIP, the push to rewrite our Constitution via a Constitutional Convention, and our armed forces scattered across the world on UN “peacekeeping” missions.

They will never give up, to be sure, but neither must we! If we want there to be a free America for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children, we must not give up either! Since we must keep on working tirelessly for freedom and Constitutionally limited government, might I suggest we might as well be effective while we’re at it. . . through a proven organization like The John Birch Society. . .


If all this bad news about the state of our Republic discourages you, please just remember that it is not too late to stop the Insiders! The colonial patriots could have thought it was impossible to win the War for Independence against one of the most formidable world powers at the time—Britain. People in the mid-twentieth century might have said the fight against communism looked hopeless then, too.

But there were those responsible American citizens who joined the ranks of The John Birch Society and considerably hindered the Insiders. Through the Society’s educational campaigns across the nation, the Insider agenda has been delayed much already. But always we are on the brink of world tyranny. So far, at least.

The Insiders were enraged at the organized opposition that began in 1958 and continued to grow and expand. They used the establishment media to smear The John Birch Society, but especially its courageous founder, Mr. Robert Welch. They spent a considerable time in the 1960’s trying to completely discredit everything having to do with the Society by associating it with genuinely bad organizations such as the the Ku Klux Klan. This media campaign gave the JBS a lot of publicity, and membership continued to grow as people discovered the truth about the Society. Then the media fell strangely silent on the Society, and many people who didn’t know any better assumed the Society had disappeared from the face of the earth.

Luckily, it didn’t. We are still here, working away, informing the citizenry, and gaining ground, inch by inch, and sometimes losing ground.

If enough Americans would engage in effective political action for liberty and independence, this country could be saved and the Insiders completely ousted! This is exciting news, and just waiting to be acted upon by every American citizen—including you! The Society has figured out that just 500 Constitutionally-informed Americans in any Congressional district will be enough to turn the tide and elect a Constitutionalist Representative. And a Constitutional majority in the federal House of Representatives is just 218 congressional districts. That is quite achievable! That means we just have to inform the 500 most influential people in our districts—business owners, elected officials, and decision makers. Do the math—that’s just 109,000 key influential people across America!

We will always be indebted to Robert Welch’s timely foresight and genius which brought about The John Birch Society; undoubtedly the JBS has, through its concerted action projects nationwide, preserved America so that today, she still retains a large portion of her freedom. She still has not become simply a member state in a tyrannical world government under the oppressive United Nations. But if she is to remain a free and independent nation, she must wake up and stop the Insiders from achieving their sinister goal!

Like the Founding Fathers, Robert Welch worked tirelessly for responsible government and freedom for the individual. He founded an educational army that continues to march on today, fighting big government and subversive movements to undermine American sovereignty. And, like the Founding Fathers, Robert Welch is one of my heroes!

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A Tale of a Lion


A Lesson on Foreign Policy


Long, long ago on the plains of Africa, there lived an especially massive lion, whom all the beasts quickly learned to fear; even more so than other fierce, male lions with awesome manes. Not only was his magnificent mane and earth-shattering roar awfully impressive, to say the least, but his size was tremendous: he was nearly twice the size of the average male lion!

He lived in perfect peace for several years with his mate, bringing up several fine sets of cubs in the very best territory for miles and miles around. Because of his massive size and powerful muscles, no other lion dared to attack either the Lion of lions, or his mate, or his cubs. Neither did any other animals of the plains. Even elephants, who generally did not fear lions, fled when his thundering footsteps alerted them to his presence.

The Lion grew prouder and prouder over the years, and he had reason to be—his size and muscle only increased over time, not diminished. When he occasionally heard of lions beyond his realm warring and killing each other for territorial rights and such, he knew beyond a doubt that none of these things would ever bother or concern him. No strange lion ever dared so much as poke his head into the Lion’s turf.

Yet as time wore on, he began to take interest in the sparrings of the lions beyond his borders. He listened with interest whenever any news came of the doings of other prides. And at last he decided that he was so wise and invincible that he would actually cross over and “settle” disputes! He would punish the trouble-makers and reward those whom he considered to be in the right.

Whenever he went out looking for fights to end, the grateful lions who were lucky enough to have the Lion on their side would win (obviously) and then bow down and do whatever the Lion would command. He was in control of virtually the whole land after several years of this. His “peacekeeping” missions did occasionally turn disastrous though; sometimes the lion he helped win and become the leader of a particular pride would go on to become a terror to all the land, including an annoyance to the Lion himself! Then the Lion would be obliged to crush the terrorist regime and appoint a new leader in the region.

His peacekeeping missions became more and more frequent, until he found that he was nearly always away from home. It was so intrguing showing off his prowess and might! It gave him thrills. His mate and cubs were very proud of their famous husband and father, and they beamingly told him, in reference to his foreign exploits, their slogan: “For our pride. For us all.” They did not keep close tabs on where he went all the time; they just assumed he was out stopping terrorism.

The Lion began meddling, not only in other prides’ affairs, but also in the affairs of every animal on the plain. They all grew to hate the Lion then! Cheetahs, antelopes, giraffes, rhinos, hyenas, emus, vultures, gazelles, impalas, buffalo, leopards, jackals, bats, and even elephants! All were affected and ruled over by the apparent wisdom and generosity that flowed from the Lion.

This went on for some time until matters became unbearable to the micromanaged animals.

The elephants, the cheetahs, and the buffalo secretly met in a concealed shady grove to conspire to do away with the meddling tyrant.

“I could never face him in a fight,” bellowed the largest buffalo, a huge bull. “Even all of us together could never actually kill him.”

“He’s a beast, always meddling in our own affairs,” mourned a female elephant. “Elephant affairs are not for lions to decide!”

“We can’t take him on,” pondered a wise cheetah quietly, “but we all hate him enough that I think we would be willing to risk a little bit, at least.”

“What do you mean?” asked the bull.

“I mean, let’s go and kill his own mate and cubs, which are more manageable, and then maybe he’ll learn that he should mind his own business; you know, attend to his own family affairs.”

“It could work,” said a large male elephant. “It’s worth a try, anyway. Who’s going with me?”

“I certainly will,” answered the cheetah. “It’s our patriotic duty. We will buck his tyranny from all the animals of the plain!”

Together the appointees made their sneaking way to the Lion’s comfortable den from the rear. First they cautiously checked out the surrounding area. As expected, the Lion was away from the den. But his dozing mate and wrestling cubs were certainly at home. The attackers crept stealthily forward, concealing themselves by slow, deliberate movement through the tall African grasses, shrubs, and withered trees, displaying their mangled roots.

With lightning speed the invaders leaped forward and quickly surrounded the surprised cubs. With the element of surprise on their side, they were able to swiftly kill four of the youngest cubs, and maim six of the older ones. At this point the mother lion awoke.

She jumped to her feet, white with fury. She bravely flew at the cheetah first, killing him instantly as her lethal teeth sank into his spotted throat. Then she turned to face the other attackers. But they had had enough of a fight. The remaining elephant, three bulls, and the mate of the killed cheetah precipitately fled, disappearing into the endless plain.

The Lion learned of the fatal attack later that day, and rushed home to his family, heartbroken.

His mate grimly told him of the tragic events that had unfolded that afternoon, and sorrowfully showed him the four young cubs whose lives had been ended.

Then the Lion knew why it had happened, and he mournfully bowed his head in grief.

His bewildered young cubs asked repeatedly, “How could any animals muster the courage to attack us? How could they be so heartless? We didn’t do anything to them first. . .”

The Lion did not reply, for he knew the answer.

Had he been quietly at home, his family would never have been slain. He could have easily protected his home turf. In fact, had he been there, instead of dominating other animals’ affairs and conflicts, no animal would have dared, much less considered it their patriotic duty, to kill the Lion’s family. But the Lion was gone in far away lands, and a sizable part of his family was slain that afternoon.

We would like to say that the Lion learned his lesson and tended to his own affairs after this, but who knows? When will Americans stop asking the question, like the young cubs, “Why do the Islamic jihadists hate us so much? Why are they willing to attack the richest, most powerful nation on earth? Why did 9/11 happen?”

The answer is, fellow Americans, we have driven them to it with our destructive interventionist policies.

Support Our Troops--Bring them Home

Radicalism 101

People often are afraid of being labeled ‘radical’ by others, especially in the political arena. They don’t want to be different from the crowd, or stand out too much. They follow the trends. They go with the status quo. They are afraid of being ‘out of style’ or ‘old-fashioned’. They do what their television tells them to do.

But as Christians, we have a different calling.

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” -Matthew 7:13,14

Being radical is what we are called to be: radically different than the dark and spiritually dead of the world. We are called to imitate the Master who set the example for us.

Was Jesus radical? You bet he was! He bucked the status quo of the hypocritical religious leaders throughout His whole ministry. (See Matthew 23 as an outstanding example.)

Did Jesus care if people thought he was radical? No—He was on the Father’s mission, and little did He care what the world thought of Him and His important work. He wasn’t radical simply for the sake of being radical, of course; He simply did the Father’s will. What an example for us!

So how are the called of Christ to be radical today?

First there are some things to understand.

Societal norms are not coincidental. There are people who plan the norms, the trends; and unfortunately most people fall for them.

Most people today will admit that something needs to be changed in our country. Things are not going as well as they should. But because mainstream media teaches people to focus on trivial pursuits, entertainment, and frivolous selfish interests, the majority of people do not know either what the problem is, nor what is the proper solution.

The main problem in America today is nothing less than a multifaceted, all-out attack on our country! The globalist establishment, who are very adamant about subjecting America to international control, are the ones who control the media, education in public schools, and our own government. No wonder there are problems in America today! This subversive establishment, otherwise known as the Insiders, want you and every other American to be largely uninformed about what is really happening to our Republic, so that you will do nothing about it! Don’t fall into their scheme and let yourself be lulled into an apathetic sleep by grandiose government promises of ‘free education’, ‘free food’, ‘free housing’, ‘free entertainment’, and ‘free money’. Politicians would like to have you think that everything is going well for America and the rest of the world, as we move toward ‘closer integration with other countries, bringing about social justice and equality for everyone’. It’s a huge fraud! They conceal their real agenda of a one-world government, commonly called the ‘new world order’. They tell us it’s just about peace and free trade and combating ‘climate change’ on a worldwide scale.

But everything is not peachy keen. America is in trouble. If America does not wake up soon, then she will realize too late what the Insiders have been working on for over a century and have finally brought about: worldwide slavery. America will be simply a state under an all-powerful world government. The elites will oppress the rest of the world.

This is their dream—but it has not been fully achieved; not yet.

Americans, we must stand up and make a difference: for ourselves and future generations. Will the Insiders be upset as they watch their evil plans fall apart? Will they label us ‘radicals’, ‘conspiracy theorists’, or ‘right-wing extremists’? It really shouldn’t matter to us what the Insiders label us when we stand up to them and foil their plans; their anger is just a reassuring proof that we are being effective!

What about the Founding Fathers in their day, resisting the tyranny of King George III; did the Tories call them radicals? Actually much worse: traitors and rebels! However, they withstood the opposition and formed a new country—America—that has long been the land of the free and the home of the brave.

What about our generation? Will we stand up, radical or not, and do what’s right as Christians and patriots? Will America continue to be the land of the free and the home of the brave? The choice is up to you, up to me, up to all of us. There will come a time when it is too late to thwart the new world order. Then will not be the time for action.

Now is the time for action. Now is the time to save our country. Now is the time to get radical!

What can we do?

  • Educate ourselves

See —Daily news from a truly Constitutionalist perspective (not a neo-conservative view); gives you the real story of what’s going on, which you won’t hear from establishment media

See —Join a nationwide action group who has been keeping the Insiders at bay for over 50 years; if enough patriots rally together rather than being lone rangers, we could actually boot the globalist Insiders from places of power and influence

Watch Overview of America  —A free half-hour video that excellently sums up both the problem and the solution with America today

Read the Bible —God’s Word holds the answers for every individual, family, church, and country

  • Education of our friends, neighbors, community leaders, and national leaders

Give them the educational tools you used to inform yourself

  • Ditch TV

And all establishment media, including radio, music, and the filth produced by Hollywood; only give your business to places who promote morality

  • Pull your children out of public school

Educate them yourself, or consider enrolling them in a Christian/Constitution private school like FreedomProject Academy This is an online school that has live classrooms, video-streaming, and teacher/student interaction; FPA has NO Common Core, revisionist history, or evolutionist propaganda; a classical education that promotes a Judeo-Christian worldview

  • Get out of debt

This is one of those harmful societal ‘norms’; but Proverbs 22:7 says, “The borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” Get out of debt and be free!

  • Break free of the bonds of “organized religion”

See to find out how man-made organized religion cripples the church—and how to go back to the first century pattern laid out in the New Testament; if today’s church took the early-church approach, not only would we effectively be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, but the righteous would take back our nation from the atheists, and blessed is the nation whose god is the Lord!

Radical changes take work—and courage. But imagine the outcome if the whole nation adopted these “radical” changes! For one thing, it wouldn’t be radical anymore, because everybody was doing it. But more importantly, America would return to being the freest, most prosperous nation on earth with an equal balance of limited government and justice. Let’s take the first steps in being radical like the Master!