Freedom’s Four

“We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.”

~Congressman Lawrence Patton McDonald – 1935-1983

Four Boxes


The Do-Gooders in the Library

Part II: Licenses & Contrabands

The new standards for the almost-universally beloved Nationwide System of Libraries took several weeks to revise and complete.

Two months after Congressman Bookworm had the Bad Idea, things were going very smoothly for the NSL, which had become a widely publicized and popular program.

In every corner of the nation, there were the scattered, protesting Dunces who decried the new NSL under the feeble arguments of “unconstitutionality” and “federalizing our local libraries,” but these few critical voices were widely drowned out by the resounding applause that echoed from sea to shining sea.

It wasn’t only the happy House of Comrades who knew a Bad Idea when they saw one. Newspapers, media organs, politicians at every level of government, and library directors alike all praised the new program, eager to invest a part of federal funds into the next generation of Americans.

It was, as might be expected, all done in the name of benefiting The Children, an argument which had served countless politicians before that day and many afterward, as well.

Congressman Bookworm became a national hero. The small and the great alike adored his leadership in the crusade to improve libraries for The Children.

Librarians and directors loved the ability to buy more books for their libraries with the enticing federal grants, but some old-school librarians, who came very close to being labeled “Dunces,” did not appreciate the new standards for librarians.

STUNNING NEW SCHOOLS FOR LIBRARIANS OPENING ACROSS THE NATION,” read the front page headline of one of the main media organs nearly a year after the passage of HB 1148.

These new training centers for librarians were very up-to-date and sophisticated, and many librarians could not afford to go to them. That wasn’t the trouble.

The trouble began when the controversial Section C, Article XXI became due for implementation: only licensed citizens could now become librarians, and licenses could be obtained only by attending one of the impressive new NSL Schools.

The argument behind this provision was that one of the main jobs of a librarian is to answer kids’ questions, and it certainly wouldn’t do to have ignorant—or worse yet, intentionally misleading—librarians directing the children of America in misinformation.

As if this weren’t controversial enough, the following year a “purging” of all NSL member-libraries began.

Pudgy government bureaucrats, known to the House of Comrades as fellow Do-Gooders, began flooding into the towns and cities of America, swarming into libraries. Their heroic mission?

To remove all books which contained “harmful and misleading information.” (Section C, Article XXXVI)

It sounded fair enough to most ordinary folk, who approved of having only accurate and decent books within the grasp of their children.

The Do-Gooders came prepared, of course, complete with a list of contraband books that would have to be annihilated. The list was quite lengthy, and licensed librarians who saw the list were appalled to think that all those hundreds of harmful and misleading books had been sitting on the shelves for all those years.

It just goes to show,” one pretty young librarian fresh out of NSL School shrugged to her fellow novice librarian, “that times have changed. What the old generation considered safe is no longer safe in today’s advanced society. Doesn’t it make you feel proud to be an American?”

Even old classics were on the no-no list, much to the shock of many grieving but submissive grandparents, who had never guessed that the “wholesome” books of their own youth actually reeked of harmful and misleading content. But they trusted the judgment of the Do-Gooders and meekly accepted the purging without complaint.

Representative Freeman, and his constituency of backward-minded oldies, publicized the fact that helpful books such as The Law, Wealth of Nations, and Masters of Deceit were on the contraband list, while also pointing out that The Communist Manifesto and On the Origin of Species were not on the contraband list, surprisingly, considering the banning list was supposed to include books containing “harmful and misleading information.”

Congressman Bookworm and his fellow Do-Gooders—and The Dunces—came and went, and the new generation was raised having limited access to wholesome, educational books, instead unknowingly facing propaganda and misinformation when they visited the library. The licensed librarians were prepared to answer kids’ questions—with a wealth of big-government, socialist answers, of course.

In the generations to come, the indomitable Do-Gooders lauded the Bad Idea that Congressman Bookworm had thought of so many years ago, which had allowed them to control the reading materials of the nation’s children, all in the deceitful guise of helping The Children.

Like so many Do-Gooder Bad Ideas, the unsuspecting citizenry swallowed the bait without realizing the consequences of allowing the federal government to reach ever deeper into their daily lives.

And like so many other Bad Ideas, the scattered, screaming Dunces had no coordinated effort to awaken the people to the imminent danger, and were unable to stop it.

Bad Ideas will always be forced on us by the Do-Gooders until we are coordinated in our resistance as they are in their plans to control the thinking of people. Only by using effectual, organized means will we be able to restore the Republic and stop Bad Ideas from becoming law.

Don’t be a lone-ranger! Learn more about getting involved in coordinated, effective action at

The Do-Gooders in the Library

Part I: The Bad Idea & the Dunce

Note: All characters are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

One Saturday a noted politician had one of those Bad Ideas which frequently plague the Washington swamp-dwelling establishment.

Acting on impulse as he and his comrades generally did (considering their minds to be more efficiently reliable than the faded paper document securely guarded as decorational ‘history’ in the National Archives), Congressman Bookworm the very next day drew up for congressional approval the bill that would implement his newest idea.

It seemed to him so strikingly beneficial he could not, in all his learned mind, think why it hadn’t been done before his time.

But no matter, it will be done now—and the credit will be mine when the people begin to reap the benefits!” he told himself proudly, beaming over his 2,196 page document as the clock struck 11:30pm. His back ached from sitting before his computer all day. He sipped his coffee and stretched his arms but the soreness didn’t want to leave.

It was the weekend, after all, and he was supposed to be taking a break from his Congressional Philanthropic Mission; but being the big-hearted Do-Gooder he was, Congressman Bookworm rarely took a break, often laboring late into the evenings. Weekends were no respite either; he could not even tear himself from his philanthropic projects to go to church on Sunday. He was a regular Washington Do-Gooder who couldn’t approve of wasting time in reading the Good Book when one could be out-and-about doing what it commanded.

He frequently had to remind over-zealous family members (who frowned upon his absence on Sundays) of the the words of James, very gently, of course.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

His family always sighed when he repeated this, and acknowledged that he was right.

Ah,” they said, “if only we could be in such a glorious position to carry on the caring for the Poor as our Dave!”

Yes, Congressman Bookworm was a very selfless man, and had been such longer than he could remember. He could still vaguely recall the incident when he was four years old and he found his younger cousin playing with two wooden trucks, while his little sister had no trucks to play with at all.

Young Davie benevolently took the second truck from his cousin and handed it to his sister.

Cousin Johnny, unable to understand the wisdom and magnanimity of his older cousin’s actions, opened his mouth and began to wail, bringing the mothers of both boys running.

Davie piously told the entire story.

Scooping their little boys up in their arms, they looked at each other and sighed in motherly delight.

Isn’t Davie so generous?” asked the beaming mother of the future politician, petting her son’s brown curls.

Delightfully so,” cooed Davie’s aunt. “Why, he will grow up to make a wonderful congressman, perhaps even president!”

Little Davie had never forgotten either his aunt’s prophetic words or his disposition to be generous with the property of others. He had, in fact, every distinguishable mark of a politician, which may well have been the reason he had so easily found a job on Capitol Hill that suited him so well.

Now grown-up “Davie” continued to fulfill his great life mission, even now as he surveyed his draft of HB 1148 and smiled to himself. What complexity! What efficiency! What generosity! What. . .bureaucracy! And what could delight his fellow Comrades more than each of these virtuous objects?

Flipping off the light-switch, the sleepy, satisfied Congressman crawled into his luxurious king bed. This hotel was certainly deserving of his honorable presence! Every luxury a hotel could (and could not) offer was at his disposal at this fine establishment. Only a renowned philanthropist deserves to stay in a place like this, he often thought to himself, though he never told that to anyone else, for fear they should take him as snobbish and hypocritical—two despicable things the benevolent Congressman would never indulge in.

* * * * *

My dear comrades and Mr. Speaker!” began Congressman Bookworm the following morning, as copies of his prized HB 1148 were handed out to each Congressman and Congresswoman. His voice revealed feverish excitement. The other representatives, catching the excitement in his voice, suspected a new Program or Cause and smiled at each other as they waited for the enthusiastic thirty-two year old Congressman to share his discovery.

I have here a bill entitled ‘The Library Incentive Books & Rewards Act Regarding Youth’. This is The LIBRARY Act!”

Curious looks ran around the room and the Congressmen and Congresswomen sat up and began to look really awake and interested. Libraries? They hadn’t thought of touching local libraries yet. Why hadn’t they thought of that? What was the potential! Congressman Bookworm gave them no time to wonder.

It outlines,” he went on eagerly, “a plan for improving the nation’s libraries! Here is a Cause we all can unite around. For the sake of the Children, of course, we intend to improve their reading centers. This bill allows us to do this in three simple steps.”

More nods and smiles from the Congressmen and Congresswomen.

Section A of the bill authorizes the United States Secretary of Education to expand the Department of Education to include the new Nationwide Library Program. This means libraries can join the Nationwide System of Libraries and get access to books from other libraries all over the country. Think about how our kids will have so much more information at their fingertips!”

This bill was evidently gaining popularity at an unprecedented speed. Enthusiastic, glowing smiles came from many members on both sides of the aisle.

They did not think back to their own childhood days, in small towns with small libraries, and remember how libraries already loaned books to each other without federal assistance.

Glowing at the outstanding approval, Congressman Bookworm smiled his huge politician grin and was about to go on when he suddenly noticed Congressman Freeman—The Dunce, as his comrades called him when frustrated with his non-cooperation—standing in his place, already waiting his turn to speak.

Kindly Congressman Bookworm’s face darkened, his eyes narrowed, and his jaw thrust forward, dreading the Lecture they would undoubtedly be subjected to after his own spectacular speech had come to an end. It was inevitable. Inevitable and annoying.

Nevertheless, he still had his own oration to complete, and he plunged in again, glancing at the other 433 friendly, smiling faces for the encouragement he so needed to make him warm inside and excited about Doing Good once more.

Section B authorizes the Department of Education to set aside funding to distribute to all libraries who join the Nationwide System of Libraries. The libraries will be rewarded for participation and membership in the NSL with grants for buying more books, remodeling old downtown libraries, and hiring librarians who can knowledgeably answer kids’ questions.” There was a curious emphasis on that last thought.

Congressman Bookworm looked around the room—a vast sea of smiling Do-Gooder faces, male and female, plump and happy to help the Children. They did not think that libraries and librarians alike were already doing fine, as they had been since before prehistoric times (meaning, before they were born into this world).

The Dunce’s habitual frown deepened to a scowl and he crossed his arms. He still stood tall in his place, waiting for his chance to speak.

What a sour old grump!” kindly Congressman Bookworm thought as he took a sip of purified water from the recyclable water bottle that was never missing from his desk, at the same time glaring at the aged Congressman over his bottle with hostile eyes. Everyone knew whom he was glaring at, but being as polite and civilized as they were, they remained transfixed on the skilled and awe-inspiring orator. Freeman was an irremovable irritant, since his stubborn constituents seemed to somehow appreciate his relentless raining on Washington’s parades. The esteemed House of Representatives widely viewed Congressman Freeman as The Dunce, and his obstinate constituents as ignorant old bogeys.

And Section C,” Congressman Bookworm grandiosely concluded, his eyes darting from one face to the next of his comrades, “sets the standards of the Nationwide System of Libraries. My friends, here is where the plan really gets exciting. Through this provision we will powerfully innovate the nation’s libraries!

This section is open for revision, as we here at the Congress of the United States need to put our heads together—without a doubt the brightest and bestest of heads in the nation—and figure out what will really make our libraries shine brighter than the libraries of the rest of the world.

We’ll find what will give our children the best access to books the world has ever seen. We’ll find what will make librarians, local officials, parents, and most of all The Children, happy. We’ll find what will bring communities closer together. That is the purpose of HB 1148, and I respectfully ask for each one of my comrades’ support. Thank you very much, my dear comrades and Mr. Speaker.”

A resounding applause following the masterful oration (at least it was masterful to the “brightest and bestest of heads in the nation”) propelled Congressman Bookworm into a high state of exultation. He turned and bowed all around and sat down in his seat, happily forgetting the scowling Dunce seated several rows behind and across the aisle.

It was not many moments before he was again reminded of the unwelcome presence of Congressman Freeman.

The short Representative, whose stern, wrinkled face rarely smiled when fulfilling his unpleasant duty in Washington Swamp, immediately prepared to reply to the outrageously benevolent proposal. The apple-cheeked Speaker of the House reluctantly motioned for him to speak.

The other Comrades were still transfixed with the brilliant bill, thumbing through the pages, making notes, murmuring approval to one another, and nodding favorably. They always recognized a Bad Idea when they saw one.

Their reverie was shattered by the powerful booming voice of the imposing Congressman.

Mr. Speaker and fellow Representatives,” Freeman began, as multiple Comrades winced at the mention of the word “representative,” and refused to look at the speaker, who cut a much more impressive figure in the Congress—in spite of his lack of height—than many other members of Congress, male and female alike.

COMRADES,” roared a rather youngish Congressman next to Bookworm. “Not representatives.”

Representative Freeman paid no attention to the heckling and went straight on. Everyone was forced to listen to Freeman, in spite of their scornful disdain of his old-fashioned foolishness. Freeman’s voice was not an easy one to ignore.

You already know what I’m going to say, since I’m seemingly the ignored unofficial conscience of the House of Representatives—the lone ranger and the last hold-out who stands for individual liberty and personal responsibility.”

Dunce!” hissed a young blond Congresswoman, who hated the fact that her place was directly below Freeman’s. Other indistinguishable calls and murmurs came from various annoyed comrades and echoed in the hall, but the loving, tolerant Speaker made no move to suppress the heckling.

Representative Freeman went on. He had only just launched into his initial remarks.

It is my painful duty,” he thundered, “to once again remind the deaf members of the House that we have no authority to even consider HB 1148. Your abominable disregard for the US Constitution—which grants Congress no power over the nation’s libraries—does not change the law of the land. If we pass this bill, we are law-breakers and criminals!”

There was silence from the Congress, though the members stirred uncomfortably. They had told him a thousand times before, “Can’t you see? The Constitution is outdated. It’s also bigoted, racist, old-fashioned, broken, and extremely limits the power of Doing Good. It’s in the archives if you would like to build a shrine. As for us? We are the new generation, and we are sophisticated. We are going to Do Good despite some old paper written centuries ago. We make They the People happy, and that’s good enough.”

Their gentle reprimands had never gotten through that thick-headed old man, and he always, without fail, plunged into a lecture on “Constitutional Powers” and the Tenth Amendment or something like that whenever a bill he didn’t approve of came up for discussion—as he was doing now.

They had given up on him some time ago. He was an unrepentant Anti-Do-Gooder, and no one in the House of Comrades could change that. They tolerantly let him blow his steam every time.

They listened with sighs and blank eyes. He was so poorly educated that the enlightened members of Congress oftentimes could not even fathom his bewildering statements.

Despite his impressive booming voice, he often rambled on—much to the annoyance of his colleagues—with no apparent meaning. He did so now.

Section A of the representative’s bill expands the Department of Education—an unconstitutional agency from the start. Why should we expand an already illegal agency?”

He glared fiercely at his weary colleagues and went on. His favorite method was to tear bills apart one section at a time, just as their proponents tended to exalt them one section at a time.

Section B!” Representative Freeman thundered, literally rolling up his sleeves. “This Nationwide System of Libraries would be a terr-ible program!”

There were audible groans on every hand, but The Dunce was prepared to back his absurd claim, and did not pause.

The NSL would strip local control of libraries from the communities they serve, and place it in the hands of bureaucrats in the Education Department! Why in the world are our present community libraries not good enough? They already share books with other libraries, remodel as needed, and have knowledgeable librarians who can answer kids’ questions.”

Heresy!!” screamed the young lady below the Dunce, her fluffy blond curls flinging out in righteous indignation.

The last section is the most intolerable of all!” boomed Representative Freeman, not in the least daunted by the misbehavior of the screaming youngster below him.

Section C calls for federal micro-management in local affairs! This is unconscionable, Mr. Speaker and fellow Representatives—unconscionable! You speak of the good of The Children, and I too favor the plan that best works for America’s youth. Which is why I cannot but oppose this heinous proposal! Look at problems you have supposedly “solved” in recent years—education, health care, technology, drugs, law-enforcement, food, housing, manufacturing, labor unions, and everything else you could possibly think of—and now libraries?! You would now ruin the nation’s libraries?!”

The Comrades sat in stunned silence. That their wonderful Do-Good programs were a failure was inconceivable. Utterly absurd. Absolutely ridiculous. Dangerously treasonous.

You propose, sir,” Freeman addressed Congressman Bookworm directly now, his dark eyes flashing, “to direct a bunch of clueless disaster-makers called ‘comrades’ and ‘bureaucrats’ in setting so called ‘standards’ for the entire nation’s libraries. Explain, please, what these standards may be. I expect they’ll have the unmistakable stamp of the Swamp all over them. Which means our libraries will fail—fail even as they are beautifully remodeled and have more books than ever before. Our libraries will begin to fail our children—fast. We must stop this nonsense and return to proper obedience of the US Constitution!”

The valiant effort of the lone-ranger did not accomplish much.

Sighing with relief that the lecture had concluded and they could return to the legitimate business at hand, the comrades looked at the bill and nodded prudently. Yes, this was the recipe for success that the libraries so desperately needed!

Despite the efforts of The Dunce, HB 1148 passed the House of Representatives later that week, and went before the Senate, who passed it the week after that with equal enthusiasm. Such an exciting bill had not been seen for some weeks! It passed the President’s desk with a hearty signature of approval.

End of Part I: The Bad Idea & the Dunce

Here’s Part II: Licenses & Contrabands

Have you heard of the weary constituent who wrote to his congressman? He wrote, “Please do not improve my lot in life any further as I simply can’t afford it.”

Short & Many

A collection of profound/humorous quotes, all of which were said before 1975.


“To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”

~George Washington

“It is time to start worrying about the next generation instead of the next election.”

~Congressman Jack F. Kemp

“If being pro-God and pro-Country is controversial and rightist, there is no one standing to the right of me.”

~Roy Rogers

“You’ll never find a Socialist thirsting for truth. Because when he starts thirsting for truth, he stops being a Socialist.”

~Bill Paulson

“As for me, I may die in a dictatorship, but I won’t live in one.”

~Thomas J. Anderson

“If we will not be governed by God, then we will be ruled by tyrants.”

~William Penn

“While claiming it is devoted to peace, the United Nations, contrary to its character, is a champion international trouble-maker!”

~C. C. Moseley

“Communism is the product of the apathy of the many and the audacity of a few.”

~Jose Chiriboga

“The men who today snatch the worst criminals from justice will murder the most innocent persons tomorrow.”

~Edmund Burke

“The government turns every contingency into an excuse for enhancing power in itself.”

~John Adams

“The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.”

~William Hazlitt

“Those who put peace ahead of Freedom have made their final choice; for their conquerors will give them neither peace nor freedom, not even freedom of choice.”

~J. Kesner Kahn

“From the way things are going in this country, it won’t be long until our universities begin offering courses in picketing!”

~John Chadwick

“The difficulty today is not ‘police brutality’—but brutality to the police.”

~E. Merril Root

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.”

~Henry Ford

“The Great Society thinks you can’t have a Government for the people unless you have a Government buy the people.”

~John McLeod

“Diets are for those who are thick and tired of it.”

~Paul Crume

“Public opinion is what people think that other people think.”

~Alfred Austin

“Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.”

~Elbert Hubbard

“We hear they’ve brought out a new drink called Foreignade. It’s refreshment that never pauses.”

~Edgar W. Hiestand

“The automobile did away with the horse. Now it is doing away with people.”

~O. G. Zimmerman

“Some people are like wheelbarrows – useful only when pushed, and too easily upset.”

~San Jose Mercury

“Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving in words evidence of the fact.”

~George Eliot

“Gentlemen may cry peace, peace – but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the North will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! – I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

~Patrick Henry

Washington Monument

Where is Virginia?

Virginia GraphicHe looked like a brainwashed liberal college kid. He had the beard, the blank gaze, the mouth hanging half-open.

My family was vacationing in the Florida Everglades and we stopped by the Whole Foods Market to pick up some groceries. After unloading the contents of our cart onto the conveyor belt, we watched the presumable college kid scan our groceries as we engaged in small talk. It was revealed that we were from out of town.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“Virginia,” my mom answered.

He paused thoughtfully and glanced up at us, pondering a moment. “I’m new here; just moved here from New Jersey for college,” he said, puzzled. “Hmm, Virginia—that’s north of here, isn’t it?”

Mom nodded. I wondered if he knew he was living in the southern-most state. I also wondered how he had gained admittance to college.

As I mused over the comical situation at the store, I had to remind myself what a terrible job the System has done at “educating” our young people. Here this young man was, in college, and he made a guess (educated guess, to be sure, but a guess nonetheless) that Virginia was north of Florida!

The Establishment educrats have spent the last century transforming our schools from places of learning to institutions of propaganda. I couldn’t help but wonder if our checker could quite knowledgeably explain what a great job then-president Obama was doing—making the streets safer through stricter gun-control, lovingly welcoming refugees en masse, ensuring everyone’s right to health care, ranting against those horribly racist police departments, firmly taking action to save the world from anthropogenic global warming, standing up for same-sex “marriage” and women’s right to “choose”, etc., etc. We know government schools brainwashed American students to view Barack Obama as a hero during his magnificent reign.1 And not only that he was a hero, but also that socialism is the panacea for our sick, wretched country.

While they aren’t at the moment teaching school children to worship our president, the educrats have by no means backed off on teaching the “glories” of socialism, atheism, and globalism.

“Glories” indeed. Doesn’t it make you feel inspired to know you’re a descendant of hairy brutes called apes? And isn’t it comforting to learn about how America is someday going to be an insignificant member-state in a New World Order?

At least, that is what they would like us and our children to believe. And the controversial Common Core Standards are a major step in the direction of global education.2 Children are being brainwashed by the millions from kindergarten through college. Future generations of America are being steeped in Establishment propaganda from before the time they can even logically combat the fallacies of evolution and socialism.

Please consider homeschooling your children or placing them in an excellent private school like FreedomProject Academy, an on line Judeo-Christian school completely free of Common Core.Rescue your children from the System before the Establishment has stolen your children’s hearts—possibly for life.

From kindergarten through college, students are ruthlessly transformed into mindless servants of the State. They must be rescued if we (and they) are to enjoy a better America than we ourselves inherited.


1 School Children Singing Praise to Obama ISchool Children Singing Praise to Obama II

2 The Dangers of Common Core

3 FreedomProject Academy

These Are the Times. . .

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

~Thomas Paine, December 1776

Fort Stanwix3

To preserve freedom in our day, we don’t have to leave the comforts of home and join George Washington’s army for eight long  years of slogging in the trenches.

We have it easy; all we have to do is educate our family, friends, neighbors, and the decision-makers in our communities. If enough of us speak up and do the right thing today, we won’t have to fear resorting to bloodshed to regain our liberties tomorrow. Begin today by checking out The John Birch Society, the single most effective action-organization working to preserve American freedom and sovereignty. It’s time we step up and do our part to pass the torch of liberty along to future generations.

Teenagers in Crisis

Over the past hundred years of American history, there have been forces at work secretly reshaping our society in its many facets—everything from government, foreign policy, money, the economy, and welfare to education, health care, charity, entertainment, the roles of males and females, the twisting of our vocabulary, and many other cultural issues. Things today are not what they were in earlier American history. Some changes have been for the better, such as technology, while many changes have been intentionally for the worse.

Who are these hidden forces? And what is their ultimate agenda? Or are the difficult problems we face as a nation merely an accident, resulting from random coincidence?

The answer to these and similar questions share a common answer: there are people who want to rule the world—there always has been and always will be. Power is a corrupting influence. To the ordinary person who wants to live peacefully and let others do the same, this is a perplexity. Yet there are those who want to form a world government with themselves in control. Whether they come in guises and names such as the Illuminati of the late 18th century, the Communist Party of the 20th century, or the globalists and neo-conservatives of our own time, their ever-changing names are hardly significant, while their common agenda is. Call it what you will, this Conspiracy against God and man continues to work subversively today, and their ultimate goal is world domination. . .and they are not as far as you might think from reaching their satanic objective.

One of the major goals of the Conspiracy has always been to destroy the family—the foundational core of every successful society. In Marx and Engels’ 1848 Communist Manifesto they predicted, “Abolition of the family!… The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course…” The tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto outlined their plan for abolishing the God-ordained institution: “Free education for all children in public schools.” This apparently benevolent proposition might appear desirable to the casual observer, but when one looks at the deeper agenda behind these words, a different story is told. All is not done for the ‘good of the children’. This is only the bait for those willing to innocently take it.

Well, now we have “free” education through public schools as planned by the Communists. They are working out wonderfully well, aren’t they? We now experience widespread illiteracy, school shootings, and unpreparedness for life. The public schools are handing society high school students who can’t read their diplomas, drugged “problem” kids, atheistic socialists, and immoral, irresponsible loafers. Today’s teens are in crisis.

Many of the modern problems youth are confronted with can be traced directly to the deliberate destruction of the family. Because teens have not been having healthy relationships with their parents up to this significant time in their life, they are unable to go to them for help, wisdom, and guidance during these critical years. All their life they have been shipped off to public schools for indoctrination and babysitting. Now, suffering through high school, they still have no one to turn to for a meaningful relationship, and instead are expected and encouraged to go through one immoral relationship after another and experience the hurting, pain, and lifelong consequences that follow sin.

The government schools are devoid of those things conducive to a healthy childhood—love, discipline, biblical truths, patriotism, great role models, real education; the list of what schools are missing goes on and on. These things are intentionally missing, and they have been carefully eradicated over the past century. Today we are seeing the undesirable fruits of taking family, faith, and love of country out of the equation.

Selfish “me-ism” is expected of teens today, the essence of humanism. True happiness and fulfillment are reached when an individual reaches out to help others, and finds a way to do good. About two thousand years ago it was said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Youth today are encouraged by socialists and atheists to abandon faith, morality, Truth, responsibility, and every other quality that made America great in her early days, and instead pursue irresponsibility, reckless pleasure, foolishness, and laziness. Society has been conditioned to believe that “teenagers” are somehow a special race that should get to enjoy the freedoms of adults without the responsibilities of adults. This disconnectedness between freedoms and responsibilities—which should go hand-in-hand—creates an environment asking for trouble. Consider how adults enjoy all the normal American freedoms, yet the use of these freedoms is balanced with the need of providing for themselves—and often a family—with food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Unfortunately today we see the government subsidizing laziness resulting in perfectly capable adults choosing to live irresponsibly on the dole instead of providing for themselves. Those on welfare live in an unrealistic “bubble” where their needs are provided for and they can pursue whatever unprofitable things they can think of. Adults in this condition are in a perpetual state of immaturity; they are allowed to continue in the societal irresponsible norms for teens well into their lives, and sometimes they remain in this dependent immature state their whole lives. Many teens really don’t enjoy this empty lifestyle deep down inside, but many don’t know a better way. They aren’t taught it in school, and often times they don’t learn the fundamentals of achieving true joy and satisfaction at home or at church, either.

Child labor laws restrict the free market and the choices of parents and employers. With parental guidance, mature youth who are ready and able to handle a job should be able to get one so they can be productive. Early job opportunities allow teens to learn the value of hard work, money, and reliability, as well as gain valuable workplace experience that will serve them well later on. Additionally, it provides them with something productive to do. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and busy hands have less time to engage in foolishness. As late author Taylor Caldwell wrote of her teenage years during the 1910’s in her autobiography, On Growing Up Tough, “When I was ten I was working at the local market on Saturday filling up bags and helping wait on customers. I looked all of fifteen. When I was indeed fifteen I held a full-time job as a secretary. (I had paid for my own tuition at the Hurst Business School.) After work I went to night high school. Sunday was my “free” day. I had a Sunday-school class of my own, then hurried home to help with dinner, prepare my clothing for the next day, and do my homework. I was up at half-past five to get my father’s breakfast and mine and my brother’s, wash up, hastily glance over schoolwork, and was out into the street at six-forty on the way to work. Not much time for loitering! In America of those days there was no time to be a ‘teenager,’ or to have the adolescent ‘turmoils.’ None of my schoolmates ended up on welfare rolls, even during the Great Depression, nor were any of them criminals, thieves, murderers, or whiners.”

Teens and their parents should decide on something productive for the teen to do during these years that are bursting with potential. It could include volunteering, getting a paying job, starting a business, investing in their family, serving in the community, or other contributions. Through helping out in various ways during these years, teens can gain experience, see the options, and figure out what they want for their career. They can find their passions and “sweet spots.” Youth have energy, enthusiasm, and potential—they should not let this be wasted on simply “having fun!”

The teen years are a prime time for learning. The young mind is quick to pick things up, and they certainly have more time to spend in studies than adults, who have all the demands and responsibilities of life. This crucial time of preparation can be spent in self-education through books, videos, and the Internet. After getting a solid foundation in the essential subjects of formal schooling, the teen is prepared to dive deeper into subjects that interest them. This exploration of how the world works propelled by self-education paves the way to being a life-long learner.

What can be done about millions of teens in crisis today, tomorrow, and in the future? Is there any way to stop this national downhill trend? Today’s teens are the adults of tomorrow. This is an alarming prospect considering the state of the majority of today’s youth.

In the last chapter in the Old Testament, God issued a warning to His people: “Restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4:6)

It begins with fathers, the God-appointed leaders of their families. Equipping their children for successful adulthood should be every father’s goal. The father-mother team should train and empower their children to be responsible, informed men and women—the kind who founded America on the great principles of patriotism, godliness, and hard work.

Close parent-teen relationships will sustain teens through the changes and difficulties of these trying years filled with opportunities for growth and learning. A childhood of being devoted to the Word of God will prepare every young person for the moral and ethical decisions they begin to face when they become accountable to God. In God’s perfect system of healthy families with strong leadership and strong relationships, teens are well on their way to becoming the responsible adults of tomorrow we desperately need.

Get US Out of the UN!


Hurray for American Independence! HR 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, introduced by Representative Mike Rogers, has a greater chance of passing today than ever before! Although it has been introduced many times over the decades, it has never successfully passed Congress—although the encouraging news is that each time it’s been brought up for a vote it garners more and more support in Congress.  HR 193 would end US involvement in the anti-American dictators club called the United Nations.

The John Birch Society first championed the Get US Out! movement beginning in 1959, less than a year after the Society’s founding. Over the years the UN has been thoroughly exposed by reliable sources such as The New American for its globalist aims leading to a one-world dictatorship—the New World Order. Under the guise of ‘peace’ they have been deliberately propelling us further and further toward global totalitarianism since 1945.

Contrary to the express ordinance in the US Constitution that Congress shall declare war, we have been allowing the UN to send American armed forces overseas. In other words, our men and women in uniform have been, and are being, sacrificed according to the dictates of unelected, unaccountable globalists at the United Nations, who generally speaking hate America.

In addition to expending the American military, the UN also expends billions of American tax dollars—over eight billion each year according to Fox News. This money we pour annually into the globalist giant is used for “peacekeeping,” bailing out foreign regimes, “saving” the earth from the so-called anthropogenic global-warming threat, and many other corrupt programs. The United Nations has a track record of having at the helm of its leadership men like communist Alger Hiss, who served as acting secretary-general during the UN’s first year. U Thant, who openly admired Vladimir Lenin, served as the UN’s secretary general from 1961  to 1971. Succeeding U Thant was Austria’s Kurt Waldheim, who served as secretary general from 1972 to 1981; Waldheim was a Nazi officer during World War II! These are only a few examples of the socialists and communists who have filled the organization’s ranks since its founding in 1945. Through programs such as Agenda 21, NAFTA, and many, many others, the UN leads the push for global totalitarianism.

America is their most difficult victim to overcome—and their most significant. If America falls, the rest of the world will quickly follow. If America throws off the chains of UN authoritarianism before it’s too late, the rest of the world will still have a beacon of hope and light. The future happiness and prosperity not only of our children, but of the whole world, rests on us! Please contact your federal representative and ask him to co-sponsor HR 193 today, and ask your senators to introduce a companion resolution in the US Senate. Get US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US!

Send a pre-written, editable email of support for HR 193 to your federal representative and senators. Just two clicks to make your voice heard in support of American sovereignty! Go ahead, do it. . . . it couldn’t be easier!

Victory in Virginia!

Friends of the US Constitution across the nation will rejoice to hear that on Tuesday, January 31st, all three Constitutional Convention applications introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates were tabled in committee and are dead. This was no accident. This victory is the result of the persistence of the dedicated members of a Virginia coalition called Citizens to Preserve the Constitution.

This dedicated group of patriots has been consistently educating and informing the Virginia General Assembly (GA) year after year. Virginia passed its rescission resolution in 2004, also thanks to the tireless efforts of Virginians who wanted our amazing Constitution to be preserved for future generations.

To make a long story short, a Constitutional Convention (aka Convention of States, Article V Convention, Con-Con) would allow the politicians and special interests to rewrite our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is a dangerous proposition! The very thought of our Constitution being opened for revision in modern America is frightening. But state legislators across the country are being deceived by proponents of an Article V Convention, who claim that the convention will be limited to specific amendment(s) that would “fix” the Constitution.

Actually, the Constitution isn’t broken, and therefore it doesn’t need fixing. What needs to be done in order to solve the dire problems in our country—including the debt crisis—is to educate and inform the electorate so that Constitutionalists will be elected to every level of government. The Constitution must be obeyed, in order for our problems to be solved—not revised.

Much appreciation is due to the patriots who have been diligently traveling day after day to Richmond, bringing the truth to the GA. It is because of people like these, all across America, and throughout American history, that we still enjoy a relatively free society through the US Constitution. I encourage you to get involved today and make a difference for future generations!

For more information on the dangers of a Constitutional Convention:

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To get involved in this battle to preserve the Constitution, visit The John Birch Society’s Stop a Con-Con Action page.

A Relevant Piece of History

The following is a copy of a Bill which was struck up at Richmond, on Saturday the 4th of June, 1774, close to the Play-Bill for that day; the design of which was to divert the minds of the dissipated and gay from the vain Amusements of the Theatre, and to fix their attention to the awful Circumstances which shall usher in and succeed THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD.—Search the Scriptures.—The Scriptures cannot be broken. JOHN.


By Command of the KING OF KINGS, and at the desire of all who

love his appearing.



On the EVE OF TIME, will be performed,


The SCENERY, which is now actually preparing, will not only surpass every thing that has yet been seen, but will infinitely exceed the utmost stretch of human conception. There will be a just representation of all the Inhabitants of the World, in their various and proper colours; their customs and manners will be so exactly and minutely delineated, that the most secret thought will be discovered. For God will bring every work to Judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil. Eccles. xii. 14.

This Theatre will be laid out after a new plan, and will consist of Pit and Gallery only; and, contrary to all others, the Gallery is fitted up for the reception of people of high (or heavenly) birth; and the Pit for those of low (or earthly) rank. The Gallery is very spacious, and the Pit without bottom. To prevent inconvenience, there are separate Doors for admitting the company; and they are so different, that none can mistake them who are not totally blind. The Door which opens into the Gallery is very narrow, and the Steps up to it are somewhat difficult; for which reason there are seldom many people about it. But the Door that gives entrance into the Pit is very wide and commodious; which causes such numbers to flock to it that it is generally crowded.

The strait Door leads toward the RIGHT hand, and the broad one to the LEFT.

It will be in vain for one in a tinfelled coat, and borrowed language, to impersonate one of high birth, in order to get admittance into the upper places; for there is ONE of wonderful and deep penetration, who will search and examine every individual; and all who cannot pronounce shibboleth, in the language of Canaan, or have not received a white Stone and a new Name, or cannot prove a clear title to a certain portion of the LAND OF PROMISE, must be turned in at the left hand door.


Are described in 1 Thess. iv. 16. 2 Thess. i. 7,8,9. Matt. Xxiv. 30, 31. and xxv. 31, 32. Daniel vii. 9,10. Jude 14, 15. Rev. xx. 12 to 15 &c.

(But as there are some People much better acquainted with the Contents of a PLAY BILL then the Word of GOD, it may not be amiss to transcribe a verse or two for their perusal.)

The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from Heaven with his mighty Angels, in flaming Fire, to take Vengeance on them that obey not the Gospel, but be glorified in his Saints. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: a thousand ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the Judgment was set, and the Books were opened; and whoever was not found written in the Book of Life, was cast into the the Lake of Fire.”

Act FIRST, of this Grand and Solemn Piece,


For the Trumpet shall sound and the Dead shall be raised. I Cor. xv. 52.


Will be a PROCESSION of SAINTS in WHITE, with GOLDEN HARPS, accompanied with Shouts of Joy and Songs of Praise.


Will be an Assemblage of all the UNREGENERATE. The Music will consist chiefly of Cries, accompanied with Weeping, Wailing, Mourning, Lamentation and Woe.

To conclude with an Oration by the SON OF GOD:

It is written in the the 25th of Matthew, from the 34th verse to the end of the chapter; but for the sake of those who seldom read the Scriptures, I shall here transcribe two verses. “Then shall the King say to them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the World: Then shall he say also unto them on his left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the Devil and his Angels.”

After which the Curtain will drop.

Some rais’d on high, and others doom’d to /Hell!

These praise the Lamb, and sing redeeming love,

Lodg’d in his bosom all his goodness prove:

While those who trampled under foot his grace,

Are banish’d now forever from his face;

Divided thus, a gulf is fix’d between,

And closes to ETERNITY the scene.

* *TICKETS for the PIT, at the easy purchase of following the vain Pomps and Vanities of the fashionable World, and the Desires and Amusements of the Flesh: To be had at every flesh-pleasing assembly.— “If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die.” Rom. viii. 13.

TICKETS for the GALLERY, at no less rate than being Converted, forsaking all, denying self, taking up the Cross and following Christ in the Regeneration. To be had nowhere but in the Word of God, and where that Word appoints ——— “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. And be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Matt. xi. 15. Gal. vi. 7. —— No money to be taken at the Door; nor will any Ticket gain admittance into the Gallery but those sealed by the Holy Ghost, with Emmanuel’s signet. ——— “Thus will I do unto thee, O Israel; and because I will do thus unto thee, PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD, O ISRAEL!” Amos 4.