Where is Virginia?

Virginia GraphicHe looked like a brainwashed liberal college kid. He had the beard, the blank gaze, the mouth hanging half-open.

My family was vacationing in the Florida Everglades and we stopped by the Whole Foods Market to pick up some groceries. After unloading the contents of our cart onto the conveyor belt, we watched the presumable college kid scan our groceries as we engaged in small talk. It was revealed that we were from out of town.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“Virginia,” my mom answered.

He paused thoughtfully and glanced up at us, pondering a moment. “I’m new here; just moved here from New Jersey for college,” he said, puzzled. “Hmm, Virginia—that’s north of here, isn’t it?”

Mom nodded. I wondered if he knew he was living in the southern-most state. I also wondered how he had gained admittance to college.

As I mused over the comical situation at the store, I had to remind myself what a terrible job the System has done at “educating” our young people. Here this young man was, in college, and he made a guess (educated guess, to be sure, but a guess nonetheless) that Virginia was north of Florida!

The Establishment educrats have spent the last century transforming our schools from places of learning to institutions of propaganda. I couldn’t help but wonder if our checker could quite knowledgeably explain what a great job then-president Obama was doing—making the streets safer through stricter gun-control, lovingly welcoming refugees en masse, ensuring everyone’s right to health care, ranting against those horribly racist police departments, firmly taking action to save the world from anthropogenic global warming, standing up for same-sex “marriage” and women’s right to “choose”, etc., etc. We know government schools brainwashed American students to view Barack Obama as a hero during his magnificent reign.1 And not only that he was a hero, but also that socialism is the panacea for our sick, wretched country.

While they aren’t at the moment teaching school children to worship our president, the educrats have by no means backed off on teaching the “glories” of socialism, atheism, and globalism.

“Glories” indeed. Doesn’t it make you feel inspired to know you’re a descendant of hairy brutes called apes? And isn’t it comforting to learn about how America is someday going to be an insignificant member-state in a New World Order?

At least, that is what they would like us and our children to believe. And the controversial Common Core Standards are a major step in the direction of global education.2 Children are being brainwashed by the millions from kindergarten through college. Future generations of America are being steeped in Establishment propaganda from before the time they can even logically combat the fallacies of evolution and socialism.

Please consider homeschooling your children or placing them in an excellent private school like FreedomProject Academy, an on line Judeo-Christian school completely free of Common Core.Rescue your children from the System before the Establishment has stolen your children’s hearts—possibly for life.

From kindergarten through college, students are ruthlessly transformed into mindless servants of the State. They must be rescued if we (and they) are to enjoy a better America than we ourselves inherited.


1 School Children Singing Praise to Obama ISchool Children Singing Praise to Obama II

2 The Dangers of Common Core

3 FreedomProject Academy

These Are the Times. . .

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

~Thomas Paine, December 1776

Fort Stanwix3

To preserve freedom in our day, we don’t have to leave the comforts of home and join George Washington’s army for eight long  years of slogging in the trenches.

We have it easy; all we have to do is educate our family, friends, neighbors, and the decision-makers in our communities. If enough of us speak up and do the right thing today, we won’t have to fear resorting to bloodshed to regain our liberties tomorrow. Begin today by checking out The John Birch Society, the single most effective action-organization working to preserve American freedom and sovereignty. It’s time we step up and do our part to pass the torch of liberty along to future generations.

Teenagers in Crisis

Over the past hundred years of American history, there have been forces at work secretly reshaping our society in its many facets—everything from government, foreign policy, money, the economy, and welfare to education, health care, charity, entertainment, the roles of males and females, the twisting of our vocabulary, and many other cultural issues. Things today are not what they were in earlier American history. Some changes have been for the better, such as technology, while many changes have been intentionally for the worse.

Who are these hidden forces? And what is their ultimate agenda? Or are the difficult problems we face as a nation merely an accident, resulting from random coincidence?

The answer to these and similar questions share a common answer: there are people who want to rule the world—there always has been and always will be. Power is a corrupting influence. To the ordinary person who wants to live peacefully and let others do the same, this is a perplexity. Yet there are those who want to form a world government with themselves in control. Whether they come in guises and names such as the Illuminati of the late 18th century, the Communist Party of the 20th century, or the globalists and neo-conservatives of our own time, their ever-changing names are hardly significant, while their common agenda is. Call it what you will, this Conspiracy against God and man continues to work subversively today, and their ultimate goal is world domination. . .and they are not as far as you might think from reaching their satanic objective.

One of the major goals of the Conspiracy has always been to destroy the family—the foundational core of every successful society. In Marx and Engels’ 1848 Communist Manifesto they predicted, “Abolition of the family!… The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course…” The tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto outlined their plan for abolishing the God-ordained institution: “Free education for all children in public schools.” This apparently benevolent proposition might appear desirable to the casual observer, but when one looks at the deeper agenda behind these words, a different story is told. All is not done for the ‘good of the children’. This is only the bait for those willing to innocently take it.

Well, now we have “free” education through public schools as planned by the Communists. They are working out wonderfully well, aren’t they? We now experience widespread illiteracy, school shootings, and unpreparedness for life. The public schools are handing society high school students who can’t read their diplomas, drugged “problem” kids, atheistic socialists, and immoral, irresponsible loafers. Today’s teens are in crisis.

Many of the modern problems youth are confronted with can be traced directly to the deliberate destruction of the family. Because teens have not been having healthy relationships with their parents up to this significant time in their life, they are unable to go to them for help, wisdom, and guidance during these critical years. All their life they have been shipped off to public schools for indoctrination and babysitting. Now, suffering through high school, they still have no one to turn to for a meaningful relationship, and instead are expected and encouraged to go through one immoral relationship after another and experience the hurting, pain, and lifelong consequences that follow sin.

The government schools are devoid of those things conducive to a healthy childhood—love, discipline, biblical truths, patriotism, great role models, real education; the list of what schools are missing goes on and on. These things are intentionally missing, and they have been carefully eradicated over the past century. Today we are seeing the undesirable fruits of taking family, faith, and love of country out of the equation.

Selfish “me-ism” is expected of teens today, the essence of humanism. True happiness and fulfillment are reached when an individual reaches out to help others, and finds a way to do good. About two thousand years ago it was said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Youth today are encouraged by socialists and atheists to abandon faith, morality, Truth, responsibility, and every other quality that made America great in her early days, and instead pursue irresponsibility, reckless pleasure, foolishness, and laziness. Society has been conditioned to believe that “teenagers” are somehow a special race that should get to enjoy the freedoms of adults without the responsibilities of adults. This disconnectedness between freedoms and responsibilities—which should go hand-in-hand—creates an environment asking for trouble. Consider how adults enjoy all the normal American freedoms, yet the use of these freedoms is balanced with the need of providing for themselves—and often a family—with food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Unfortunately today we see the government subsidizing laziness resulting in perfectly capable adults choosing to live irresponsibly on the dole instead of providing for themselves. Those on welfare live in an unrealistic “bubble” where their needs are provided for and they can pursue whatever unprofitable things they can think of. Adults in this condition are in a perpetual state of immaturity; they are allowed to continue in the societal irresponsible norms for teens well into their lives, and sometimes they remain in this dependent immature state their whole lives. Many teens really don’t enjoy this empty lifestyle deep down inside, but many don’t know a better way. They aren’t taught it in school, and often times they don’t learn the fundamentals of achieving true joy and satisfaction at home or at church, either.

Child labor laws restrict the free market and the choices of parents and employers. With parental guidance, mature youth who are ready and able to handle a job should be able to get one so they can be productive. Early job opportunities allow teens to learn the value of hard work, money, and reliability, as well as gain valuable workplace experience that will serve them well later on. Additionally, it provides them with something productive to do. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and busy hands have less time to engage in foolishness. As late author Taylor Caldwell wrote of her teenage years during the 1910’s in her autobiography, On Growing Up Tough, “When I was ten I was working at the local market on Saturday filling up bags and helping wait on customers. I looked all of fifteen. When I was indeed fifteen I held a full-time job as a secretary. (I had paid for my own tuition at the Hurst Business School.) After work I went to night high school. Sunday was my “free” day. I had a Sunday-school class of my own, then hurried home to help with dinner, prepare my clothing for the next day, and do my homework. I was up at half-past five to get my father’s breakfast and mine and my brother’s, wash up, hastily glance over schoolwork, and was out into the street at six-forty on the way to work. Not much time for loitering! In America of those days there was no time to be a ‘teenager,’ or to have the adolescent ‘turmoils.’ None of my schoolmates ended up on welfare rolls, even during the Great Depression, nor were any of them criminals, thieves, murderers, or whiners.”

Teens and their parents should decide on something productive for the teen to do during these years that are bursting with potential. It could include volunteering, getting a paying job, starting a business, investing in their family, serving in the community, or other contributions. Through helping out in various ways during these years, teens can gain experience, see the options, and figure out what they want for their career. They can find their passions and “sweet spots.” Youth have energy, enthusiasm, and potential—they should not let this be wasted on simply “having fun!”

The teen years are a prime time for learning. The young mind is quick to pick things up, and they certainly have more time to spend in studies than adults, who have all the demands and responsibilities of life. This crucial time of preparation can be spent in self-education through books, videos, and the Internet. After getting a solid foundation in the essential subjects of formal schooling, the teen is prepared to dive deeper into subjects that interest them. This exploration of how the world works propelled by self-education paves the way to being a life-long learner.

What can be done about millions of teens in crisis today, tomorrow, and in the future? Is there any way to stop this national downhill trend? Today’s teens are the adults of tomorrow. This is an alarming prospect considering the state of the majority of today’s youth.

In the last chapter in the Old Testament, God issued a warning to His people: “Restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4:6)

It begins with fathers, the God-appointed leaders of their families. Equipping their children for successful adulthood should be every father’s goal. The father-mother team should train and empower their children to be responsible, informed men and women—the kind who founded America on the great principles of patriotism, godliness, and hard work.

Close parent-teen relationships will sustain teens through the changes and difficulties of these trying years filled with opportunities for growth and learning. A childhood of being devoted to the Word of God will prepare every young person for the moral and ethical decisions they begin to face when they become accountable to God. In God’s perfect system of healthy families with strong leadership and strong relationships, teens are well on their way to becoming the responsible adults of tomorrow we desperately need.

Get US Out of the UN!


Hurray for American Independence! HR 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, introduced by Representative Mike Rogers, has a greater chance of passing today than ever before! Although it has been introduced many times over the decades, it has never successfully passed Congress—although the encouraging news is that each time it’s been brought up for a vote it garners more and more support in Congress.  HR 193 would end US involvement in the anti-American dictators club called the United Nations.

The John Birch Society first championed the Get US Out! movement beginning in 1959, less than a year after the Society’s founding. Over the years the UN has been thoroughly exposed by reliable sources such as The New American for its globalist aims leading to a one-world dictatorship—the New World Order. Under the guise of ‘peace’ they have been deliberately propelling us further and further toward global totalitarianism since 1945.

Contrary to the express ordinance in the US Constitution that Congress shall declare war, we have been allowing the UN to send American armed forces overseas. In other words, our men and women in uniform have been, and are being, sacrificed according to the dictates of unelected, unaccountable globalists at the United Nations, who generally speaking hate America.

In addition to expending the American military, the UN also expends billions of American tax dollars—over eight billion each year according to Fox News. This money we pour annually into the globalist giant is used for “peacekeeping,” bailing out foreign regimes, “saving” the earth from the so-called anthropogenic global-warming threat, and many other corrupt programs. The United Nations has a track record of having at the helm of its leadership men like communist Alger Hiss, who served as acting secretary-general during the UN’s first year. U Thant, who openly admired Vladimir Lenin, served as the UN’s secretary general from 1961  to 1971. Succeeding U Thant was Austria’s Kurt Waldheim, who served as secretary general from 1972 to 1981; Waldheim was a Nazi officer during World War II! These are only a few examples of the socialists and communists who have filled the organization’s ranks since its founding in 1945. Through programs such as Agenda 21, NAFTA, and many, many others, the UN leads the push for global totalitarianism.

America is their most difficult victim to overcome—and their most significant. If America falls, the rest of the world will quickly follow. If America throws off the chains of UN authoritarianism before it’s too late, the rest of the world will still have a beacon of hope and light. The future happiness and prosperity not only of our children, but of the whole world, rests on us! Please contact your federal representative and ask him to co-sponsor HR 193 today, and ask your senators to introduce a companion resolution in the US Senate. Get US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US!

Send a pre-written, editable email of support for HR 193 to your federal representative and senators. Just two clicks to make your voice heard in support of American sovereignty! Go ahead, do it. . . . it couldn’t be easier!

Victory in Virginia!

Friends of the US Constitution across the nation will rejoice to hear that on Tuesday, January 31st, all three Constitutional Convention applications introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates were tabled in committee and are dead. This was no accident. This victory is the result of the persistence of the dedicated members of a Virginia coalition called Citizens to Preserve the Constitution.

This dedicated group of patriots has been consistently educating and informing the Virginia General Assembly (GA) year after year. Virginia passed its rescission resolution in 2004, also thanks to the tireless efforts of Virginians who wanted our amazing Constitution to be preserved for future generations.

To make a long story short, a Constitutional Convention (aka Convention of States, Article V Convention, Con-Con) would allow the politicians and special interests to rewrite our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is a dangerous proposition! The very thought of our Constitution being opened for revision in modern America is frightening. But state legislators across the country are being deceived by proponents of an Article V Convention, who claim that the convention will be limited to specific amendment(s) that would “fix” the Constitution.

Actually, the Constitution isn’t broken, and therefore it doesn’t need fixing. What needs to be done in order to solve the dire problems in our country—including the debt crisis—is to educate and inform the electorate so that Constitutionalists will be elected to every level of government. The Constitution must be obeyed, in order for our problems to be solved—not revised.

Much appreciation is due to the patriots who have been diligently traveling day after day to Richmond, bringing the truth to the GA. It is because of people like these, all across America, and throughout American history, that we still enjoy a relatively free society through the US Constitution. I encourage you to get involved today and make a difference for future generations!

For more information on the dangers of a Constitutional Convention:

Reading Materials:

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Logical Fallacies with Michael Farris

To get involved in this battle to preserve the Constitution, visit The John Birch Society’s Stop a Con-Con Action page.

A Relevant Piece of History

The following is a copy of a Bill which was struck up at Richmond, on Saturday the 4th of June, 1774, close to the Play-Bill for that day; the design of which was to divert the minds of the dissipated and gay from the vain Amusements of the Theatre, and to fix their attention to the awful Circumstances which shall usher in and succeed THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD.—Search the Scriptures.—The Scriptures cannot be broken. JOHN.


By Command of the KING OF KINGS, and at the desire of all who

love his appearing.



On the EVE OF TIME, will be performed,


The SCENERY, which is now actually preparing, will not only surpass every thing that has yet been seen, but will infinitely exceed the utmost stretch of human conception. There will be a just representation of all the Inhabitants of the World, in their various and proper colours; their customs and manners will be so exactly and minutely delineated, that the most secret thought will be discovered. For God will bring every work to Judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil. Eccles. xii. 14.

This Theatre will be laid out after a new plan, and will consist of Pit and Gallery only; and, contrary to all others, the Gallery is fitted up for the reception of people of high (or heavenly) birth; and the Pit for those of low (or earthly) rank. The Gallery is very spacious, and the Pit without bottom. To prevent inconvenience, there are separate Doors for admitting the company; and they are so different, that none can mistake them who are not totally blind. The Door which opens into the Gallery is very narrow, and the Steps up to it are somewhat difficult; for which reason there are seldom many people about it. But the Door that gives entrance into the Pit is very wide and commodious; which causes such numbers to flock to it that it is generally crowded.

The strait Door leads toward the RIGHT hand, and the broad one to the LEFT.

It will be in vain for one in a tinfelled coat, and borrowed language, to impersonate one of high birth, in order to get admittance into the upper places; for there is ONE of wonderful and deep penetration, who will search and examine every individual; and all who cannot pronounce shibboleth, in the language of Canaan, or have not received a white Stone and a new Name, or cannot prove a clear title to a certain portion of the LAND OF PROMISE, must be turned in at the left hand door.


Are described in 1 Thess. iv. 16. 2 Thess. i. 7,8,9. Matt. Xxiv. 30, 31. and xxv. 31, 32. Daniel vii. 9,10. Jude 14, 15. Rev. xx. 12 to 15 &c.

(But as there are some People much better acquainted with the Contents of a PLAY BILL then the Word of GOD, it may not be amiss to transcribe a verse or two for their perusal.)

The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from Heaven with his mighty Angels, in flaming Fire, to take Vengeance on them that obey not the Gospel, but be glorified in his Saints. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: a thousand ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the Judgment was set, and the Books were opened; and whoever was not found written in the Book of Life, was cast into the the Lake of Fire.”

Act FIRST, of this Grand and Solemn Piece,


For the Trumpet shall sound and the Dead shall be raised. I Cor. xv. 52.


Will be a PROCESSION of SAINTS in WHITE, with GOLDEN HARPS, accompanied with Shouts of Joy and Songs of Praise.


Will be an Assemblage of all the UNREGENERATE. The Music will consist chiefly of Cries, accompanied with Weeping, Wailing, Mourning, Lamentation and Woe.

To conclude with an Oration by the SON OF GOD:

It is written in the the 25th of Matthew, from the 34th verse to the end of the chapter; but for the sake of those who seldom read the Scriptures, I shall here transcribe two verses. “Then shall the King say to them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the World: Then shall he say also unto them on his left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the Devil and his Angels.”

After which the Curtain will drop.

Some rais’d on high, and others doom’d to /Hell!

These praise the Lamb, and sing redeeming love,

Lodg’d in his bosom all his goodness prove:

While those who trampled under foot his grace,

Are banish’d now forever from his face;

Divided thus, a gulf is fix’d between,

And closes to ETERNITY the scene.

* *TICKETS for the PIT, at the easy purchase of following the vain Pomps and Vanities of the fashionable World, and the Desires and Amusements of the Flesh: To be had at every flesh-pleasing assembly.— “If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die.” Rom. viii. 13.

TICKETS for the GALLERY, at no less rate than being Converted, forsaking all, denying self, taking up the Cross and following Christ in the Regeneration. To be had nowhere but in the Word of God, and where that Word appoints ——— “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. And be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Matt. xi. 15. Gal. vi. 7. —— No money to be taken at the Door; nor will any Ticket gain admittance into the Gallery but those sealed by the Holy Ghost, with Emmanuel’s signet. ——— “Thus will I do unto thee, O Israel; and because I will do thus unto thee, PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD, O ISRAEL!” Amos 4.



Don’t Let the Founders’ Gift Be Stolen Without a Fight!

Two centuries ago fifty-six men pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors to secure the freedom from tyranny we Americans have been able to enjoy since the original thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain.

These fifty six men suffered much after signing the Declaration of Independence. Both they and their families suffered throughout the eight-year long American Revolution. Some were taken prisoner, some became penniless through aiding the cause, some of their properties were burned and destroyed, and some perished without seeing their dreams of American independence come true. They sacrificed all they had, and they suffered tremendously—for you!

The signers were not the only ones who sacrificed themselves for the freedom and happiness of posterity. The Sons of Liberty, the statesmen, the writers, the lawyers, the generals, the soldiers, the housewives, the preachers, the teachers, the financiers . . . the patriots! Patriots like Samuel Adams, John Hancock, George Washington, Christopher Gadsden, Molly Pitcher, Patrick Henry, Light Horse Harry Lee . . . yes, these courageous patriots and thousands of others knew that they were working to secure for their posterity something new in the history of mankind: the land of the free and the home of the brave. And they price they paid for the freedom of this country was costly.

The New World, because of the Founders’ effort and wisdom, became a light to the Old World. Here there was no king, no dictator, no ruling oligarchy, but a place where the government, rather than the people, were restricted through the U.S. Constitution.

Because of their sacrifice, today we Americans are able to keep the fruits of our labor, go places, purchase things, enjoy luxuries, and live our lives free from tyrannical oversight and regulation . . . right?

Not quite.

What happened to the free, just, and prosperous America the Founding Fathers worked so hard to form?

The truth is, this America is being intentionally, deliberately stolen. What we see around us today is a far cry from the kind of country our Founders envisioned. If they could come back from the grave and view what we’ve done with our heritage, they would be baffled. Why would anyone meekly turn over their freedom for the grovelling slavery being imposed today?

The sight they would see would not be pretty. Neither should it be to those of us who cherish our God-given rights. Imagine James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington taking a peek at the America we have today. The Constitution is ignored and considered old-fashioned; there are demands that it be rewritten; presidents act like kings and grossly misuse executive orders; government oversight and regulations are horrendous; the alphabet soup agencies in Washington D.C. are a vast bureaucratic nightmare; unjust welfare programs reward those who refuse to work; we fund the globalist “dictators’ club,” a.k.a. the United Nations; we’re trillions of dollars in debt with no end to this reckless borrowing in sight; our armed forces and tax dollars are sent to bail out foreign despotic regimes; and the hard-working middle class are burdened with the fantastic bill for all of the above.

Most Americans would agree that something is wrong with America today, even if they don’t know the correct cause. To discover the correct cause, we have to return to the earlier question: Why would anyone meekly turn over their freedom for the grovelling slavery being imposed today?

It didn’t happen in one generation; and it didn’t happen by accident. It was intentionally—though gradually—implemented over the past century by conspiratorial forces with such familiar (and unfamiliar) names as the Rockefellers, Edward Mandell House, Harry Hopkins, Felix Frankfurter, Henry Kissinger, Robert S. McNamara, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, William F. Buckley Jr., and many, many others. And most of it was done behind the scenes, to conceal the real plot, while deceiving the American people into believing ever-bigger government is the solution to every problem.

These conspiratorial forces are sometimes referred to as Insiders. Their unabashed end goal is global tyranny.

Sound attractive?

These Insiders are the ones who have been deceiving America for the past century, and in this way they have been achieving the various steps to their ultimate aim. They have largely, to the best of their ability, kept the populace blissfully ignorant; or, when they are in danger of being exposed by the truth, they simply tell lies about patriotic opposition, and steadfastly deny that there is a Conspiracy, though the evidence speaks otherwise.

Look around at America today and see how well their plans are working out! If people don’t wake up soon, and stop tuning into the lying media, who have an amazing way of doing the every bidding of the Establishment—even the so called “conservative” channels, who also deny that there is a Conspiracy—and discover the truth of the frightening situation in America, conditions will continue to worsen. If you want daily news you can trust, check out www.thenewamerican.com. This reliable news-source reports on the events and policies that really matter—from a strictly Constitutionalist, traditional-American standpoint. Never hesitating to call things for what they are, their investigative journalists dig deeper than Establishment media ever bothers to look into, reporting things rarely mentioned but always verifiable. They’ve been accurately reporting the truth for thirty years now.

With the vision of a free America slipping away—or rather, being stolen—what must we as Americans do to restore the Republic?

The road ahead is long and there is no silver bullet to “fix” our nation’s many problems.

But while it may not be easy, the solution, as is so often the case, is far simpler than one might imagine when viewing the disheartening state of our once-great nation.

The solution can, in fact, be summed up in two words: the Constitution!

It really is that simple. That this is the solution is evidenced by the first hundred years of American history where, when the Constitution—which restricts the federal government rather than the states and the people—was more regularly followed, America became the land of the free and the prosperous, and the undeniable envy of the world.

It’s our responsibility not to let sinister forces steal our country without a fight. Not only for the sake of our own liberties, but also because this involves the futures of posterity! Will they enjoy a free America? Or will they live in the joyless misery of a totalitarian world regime because their ancestors were too apathetic to care what was happening to America? Their future depends on what we do—today!

To learn more about restoring the Republic, visit www.jbs.org. The John Birch Society has been standing for freedom, family, and traditional-American values through a proven effective action program for fifty-eight years. Get involved today and put forth your sacrifice for the liberties and the future of your children and grandchildren. In today’s fight for American liberties, we don’t have to join the Continental army and sacrifice our very lives to protect ourselves, our homes, and our rights like the patriots of 1776 willingly did. Because of the way they wisely designed the American system of government, we can continue living our normal lives, with the addition of simply participating in an effective education-action program. Informing ourselves and others is how we take back the Republic—one citizen at a time. The fifty-six signers sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors. What will you give to preserve the American way?


Is The John Birch Society for Me?

Here are the. . .

Top Ten Reasons to Join The John Birch Society

  1. The JBS is the most effective educational-action army in the nation
  2. You’ll be able to tap into the tools and resources of the JBS resulting from 58 years of defending liberty in America
  3. The JBS does not follow the lead of the neoconservative establishment and their false ‘solutions’ but rather expose them
  4. The Society chooses its battles wisely, focusing on issues that are real threats, rather than counterproductive rabbit trails introduced by the media to throw conservatives in a million different directions
  5. You’ll get The New American magazine twice a month—reporting on real news and real threats to our liberties that aren’t reported by establishment media
  6. You’ll get the JBS monthly Bulletin—providing the concerted action agenda nationwide that time and again has set back the goals of the New World Order
  7. You’ll be the kind of responsible, informed citizen the Founders knew were so necessary to preserve the Republic
  8. You’ll be helping to restore America’s liberties for future generations
  9. You will be working with others toward less government, more responsibility, and—with God’s help—a better world
  10. Meaningful action combined with a good understanding of our Constitutional Republic will make you dangerous to the New World Order!

And here are the. . .

Top Ten Reasons Not to Join The John Birch Society

  1. There will be expectations
  2. You will be monthly accountable to your chapter leader to report your action that month
  3. You’ll have to stay focused on the agenda items rather than whatever suits your present fancy
  4. You will be asked to do scary things such as educate yourself, talk to your family, friends, and co-workers, and get to know your representatives
  5. You’ll be forced time and again to step outside your comfort zone and grow
  6. Any effectiveness of action on your part will earn you the scorn (or worse) of the liberals, the establishment, the media, and the enemies of freedom in general
  7. You might get called a nutty conspiracy theorist
  8. Yeah. . .you’ll be fighting to restore obedience to that out-dated document written by a bunch of oppressive white guys back in the 18th century (a.k.a. the Constitution)
  9. You’ll have to be involved in real action—which means real work—not a debating society, a discussion group, or some feel-good rallies
  10. Wouldn’t you rather stay home, forget The John Birch Society, and just pray for a miracle?


Of course, there are pros and cons to every decision, and joining The John Birch Society is no different. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

Election cycles, tea parties, and other temporary movements come and go, but The John Birch Society continues fighting for our liberties!

All that being said, I hope you can clearly see whether you are a Bircher at heart, passionate about saving America from the New World Order, and willing to do what it takes to restore the Republic!

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. . .and it’s every citizen’s duty to responsibly work to preserve it.

A Senator who is aware of treason but who refuses to expose the dangerous, unpleasant facts for fear that he will be politically scarred and bloodied if he does, is actually guilty of a greater treason than the traitors themselves. Every Senator has the duty to use the means provided by the Constitution to protect the people who have entrusted him with the task of manning the watchtowers of this nation.

–Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (1908-1957)

How do your senators score in honesty, courage, and loyalty to America and our Constitution?

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A Tribute to a Spectacular American Hero!

robert welch

This is about a man who was one of the most unjustly smeared heroes in our country. He was vilified by the establishment media and talking heads, and received a lot of flak for one of his controversial books, The Politician (an exposé of Dwight Eisenhower). Yet this man was an honorable and dedicated patriot, a man of integrity with an amazing work ethic. His only “crime” for which he was maligned was that of starting a significant organization that was actually stopping the globalists by public exposure through its members! Other conservative groups—who were less active, less effective, and less bold—escaped the harsh condemnation of the Left.

Robert Welch (1899-1985) was the founder of The John Birch Society, an efficient action organization with a dedicated mission “To bring about less government, more responsibility, and – with God’s help – a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and constitutional principles. ”

Welch was a child prodigy, learning to read at age two, and having his multiplication tables down by age four. At seven he began studying Latin. He was taught all this at home by his mother, Lina. Then he went to school. According to G. Edward Griffin in his biography of Welch, The Life and Words of Robert Welch (page 32),

“Miss Wood [Robert’s teacher], unlike Robert’s mother, had never been beyond high school. . . So when it came time to teach algebra to Trim Wilson, her one eighteen-year-old pupil, it developed that she knew very little more about the subject than he did. For young Robert, however, it was old hat, and for the next six months, seven-year-old Master Welch assumed the task of teaching algebra to both his classmate and his teacher.”

Graduating from high school at age twelve, he attended the University of North Carolina. Here he had troubles in philosophy class, because unlike his fascinated, duped classmates, Robert saw right through Professor Williams’ lofty lectures. In fact, he even raised his notepad with H-O-G-W-A-S-H printed in large letters on it to show his classmates during one horrendous philosophy session. Following graduation from the University of North Carolina at age 16, he went to Annapolis for training as a Navy sailor. Just two years of training in Annapolis convinced Robert that he did not want a career in the Navy, especially since the war was over.

He wanted to go into business for himself, but first he spent three years at Harvard Law School (he dropped out shortly before he would have gotten his LL.B. degree, sick of Felix Frankfurter’s socialist classes), during which time he met Marian Probert, who was attending nearby Wellesley. The couple married on December 22, 1922.

Robert went into the candy manufacturing industry, starting from scratch with hardly any money, and established the Oxford Candy Company. It was tough work getting into the established candy market, but through much hard work and perseverance, the Company began to show a profit. Robert was an extremely hard worker; in fact, he worked on the production floor from 6am to 10pm every week day doing hard manual labor! When things got especially tough financially in 1927, he turned the company into a corporation with a board of directors. However, the board soon decided to alter the ingredients in the popular new Welch candy, called Tar Baby (later called Sugar Daddy), in order to make production costs cheaper. Robert believed this would destroy the business. When the board insisted, Robert reluctantly left the company. It turned out his foresight was accurate—

“By the end of the third month their volume of business had dropped so far that management was laying off help. At the end of five months the business was such a hopeless mess that the directors sold the wreck for a song to the Daggett Chocolate Company, which was not in the candy bar business at all but was interested only in the secondhand [candy making equipment].” (Griffin, page 94)

Robert Welch did not give up, however, and proceeded to start a new candy business in New York City, with hardly any more capital than he had when he had started the first business!

Eventually after three separate business adventures (not ventures, mind you, adventures!) he went to work for his younger brother, James, at the James O. Welch Company. This situation worked out well for the company, because both brothers focused on what they were able to do best; James worked on production and finance, while Robert ran the marketing department.

“In 1935, when Robert joined James’ company, it was doing a sales volume of about $200,000 a year. By 1956 this volume had grown to $20,000,000.” (Griffin, page 108)

Robert Welch had found his niche!

In 1958, Robert founded The John Birch Society as one of the only organizations in America to effectively combat communism, which was then a major threat—and still is! Don’t think that all those communists suddenly gave up and disappeared! Liberty must never think that communism, or socialism, or globalism, or any other destructive “ism” they can come up with, is dead. There will always be evil people who want to enslave the world. If they are exposed, they simply go underground, change their name, and reemerge, with the same subversive agenda to rule us all.

While many patriots know about the problems that face our country, most don’t know the proper solution, and of those who do, they work madly like lone rangers, unfortunately accomplishing very little. Unlike the collectivists who work for the globalists, we individualists prefer to be responsible for ourselves, and take the least orders possible from any central organization. We prefer to go ahead with our own plan, work on the things we consider to be of most importance, research everything ourselves, etc.

That’s why communism was gaining so much ground. There were no concerted nationwide action organizations who could actually get things done to stop the globalists. Then, as now, there were plenty of debating societies who didn’t actually accomplish anything.

So while the globalists, with their top-down, monolithic organizational structure, had obedient minions across the world doing their exact bidding, the patriots of America, who desperately wanted to stop the communist agenda, were running around trying to stop this subversive movement and that secret organization, this legislative bill and that executive order, and all the while, they are running in all different directions. Good intentions do not necessarily bring about desired results.

Robert Welch recognized this dire need for a monolithic structure on the patriot side, and founded The John Birch Society (JBS). The Society, which is still active and working today, has members nationwide, who work in chapters on the monthly agenda items. With patriots all across America working on the same items, giving the right information to the right people at the right time, the communist agenda has been significantly set back. They actually planned to have their world government all set up by the 1970’s! And they were well on track to achieving that goal! In 1913 they got their Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax, and in 1945 they got their United Nations (also know as the “dictators’ club”), of which America is unfortunately a member. Yes, they were marching onto world government, while the media employed all their dirty tricks to keep the bulwark of freedom—the American people—in blissful ignorance.

So in 1958 Robert Welch came along and founded an effective organization, modeled after the effective structure of the globalists and communists, and threw a huge kink in the sinister plans of the Insiders. That is why we still have America today! This is very significant!

Of course, the one-worlders never give up, and they are still working today for the same goals. They have gained much ground, unfortunately. To see that the Insiders have gained ground, one need look no further than the establishment media, government indoctrination centers (also known as public schools), the corrupt court system, the usurpation of power at all branches of the federal government, the movement to get us into European Union-style unions through the TPP and the TTIP, the push to rewrite our Constitution via a Constitutional Convention, and our armed forces scattered across the world on UN “peacekeeping” missions.

They will never give up, to be sure, but neither must we! If we want there to be a free America for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children, we must not give up either! Since we must keep on working tirelessly for freedom and Constitutionally limited government, might I suggest we might as well be effective while we’re at it. . . through a proven organization like The John Birch Society. . .


If all this bad news about the state of our Republic discourages you, please just remember that it is not too late to stop the Insiders! The colonial patriots could have thought it was impossible to win the War for Independence against one of the most formidable world powers at the time—Britain. People in the mid-twentieth century might have said the fight against communism looked hopeless then, too.

But there were those responsible American citizens who joined the ranks of The John Birch Society and considerably hindered the Insiders. Through the Society’s educational campaigns across the nation, the Insider agenda has been delayed much already. But always we are on the brink of world tyranny. So far, at least.

The Insiders were enraged at the organized opposition that began in 1958 and continued to grow and expand. They used the establishment media to smear The John Birch Society, but especially its courageous founder, Mr. Robert Welch. They spent a considerable time in the 1960’s trying to completely discredit everything having to do with the Society by associating it with genuinely bad organizations such as the the Ku Klux Klan. This media campaign gave the JBS a lot of publicity, and membership continued to grow as people discovered the truth about the Society. Then the media fell strangely silent on the Society, and many people who didn’t know any better assumed the Society had disappeared from the face of the earth.

Luckily, it didn’t. We are still here, working away, informing the citizenry, and gaining ground, inch by inch, and sometimes losing ground.

If enough Americans would engage in effective political action for liberty and independence, this country could be saved and the Insiders completely ousted! This is exciting news, and just waiting to be acted upon by every American citizen—including you! The Society has figured out that just 500 Constitutionally-informed Americans in any Congressional district will be enough to turn the tide and elect a Constitutionalist Representative. And a Constitutional majority in the federal House of Representatives is just 218 congressional districts. That is quite achievable! That means we just have to inform the 500 most influential people in our districts—business owners, elected officials, and decision makers. Do the math—that’s just 109,000 key influential people across America!

We will always be indebted to Robert Welch’s timely foresight and genius which brought about The John Birch Society; undoubtedly the JBS has, through its concerted action projects nationwide, preserved America so that today, she still retains a large portion of her freedom. She still has not become simply a member state in a tyrannical world government under the oppressive United Nations. But if she is to remain a free and independent nation, she must wake up and stop the Insiders from achieving their sinister goal!

Like the Founding Fathers, Robert Welch worked tirelessly for responsible government and freedom for the individual. He founded an educational army that continues to march on today, fighting big government and subversive movements to undermine American sovereignty. And, like the Founding Fathers, Robert Welch is one of my heroes!

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