Where is Virginia?

Virginia Graphic

He looked like a brainwashed college kid. He had the beard, the blank gaze, the mouth hanging half-open.

My family was vacationing in the Florida Everglades and we’d stopped by the Whole Foods Market to pick up some groceries. After unloading the contents of our cart onto the conveyor belt, we watched the college kid scan our groceries as we engaged in small talk. It was revealed that we were from out of town.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“Virginia,” my mom answered.

He paused thoughtfully and glanced up at us, pondering a moment. “I’m new here; just moved here from New Jersey for college,” he said, puzzled. “Hmm, Virginia—is that north of here?”

My mom nodded. I wondered if he knew he was living in the southern-most state in the Union. I also wondered how he had gained admittance to college.

As I mused over the comical situation at the store, I had to remind myself what a terrible job the System has done at “educating” our young people. Here this young man was, in college, and he made a guess (educated guess, to be sure, but a guess nonetheless) that Virginia was north of Florida!

The Establishment educrats have spent the last century transforming our schools from places of learning to institutions of propaganda. I couldn’t help but wonder if our checker could quite knowledgeably explain what a great job then-president Obama was doing—making the streets safer through stricter gun-control, lovingly welcoming refugees en masse, ensuring everyone’s right to health care, ranting against those horribly racist police departments, firmly taking action to save the world from anthropogenic global warming, standing up for same-sex “marriage” and women’s right to “choose”, etc., etc. We know government schools brainwashed American students to view Barack Obama as a hero during his magnificent reign.1 And not only that he was a hero, but also that socialism is the panacea for our sick, wretched country.

While they aren’t at the moment teaching school children to worship our president, the educrats have by no means backed off on teaching the “glories” of socialism, atheism, and globalism.

“Glories” indeed. Doesn’t it make you feel inspired to know you’re a descendant of hairy brutes called apes? And isn’t it comforting to learn about how America is someday going to be an insignificant member-state in a New World Order?

At least, that is what they would like us and our children to believe. And the controversial Common Core Standards are a major step in the direction of global education.2 Children are being brainwashed by the millions from kindergarten through college. Future generations of America are being steeped in Establishment propaganda from before the time they can even logically combat the fallacies of evolution and socialism.

Please consider homeschooling your children or placing them in an excellent private school like FreedomProject Academy, an on line Judeo-Christian school completely free of Common Core.Rescue your children from the System before the Establishment has stolen your children’s hearts—possibly for life.

From kindergarten through college, students are ruthlessly transformed into mindless servants of the State. They must be rescued if we (and they) are to enjoy a better America than we ourselves inherited.


1 School Children Singing Praise to Obama ISchool Children Singing Praise to Obama II

2 The Dangers of Common Core

3 FreedomProject Academy


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