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This eBook is far more than another list of business ideas for kids.

These are 27 real-life ideas written specifically for homeschooled kids who want to make real money doing what they love. This 57-page, no-nonsense FREE eBook covers important details to help you decide exactly what kind of business is best for you.

With a massive focus on the growth mindset, this is designed to help you accurately calculate unknowns like overhead expenses, what’s involved in maintaining and growing your business, and what kind of money you can actually make running a particular business.

In addition, there are two fantastic bonuses at the end you won’t find in any “Business Ideas for Kids” blog post.

#1: A business plan template to help you craft a rock-solid business plan that will carry you to the top, plus a business plan template sample that provides a glimpse of business experience to enterprising entrepreneurs. You need the indispensable way to build your business!

#2: A special invitation to a fantastic freebie you can’t get anywhere else—100% free!

This eBook provides inside looks at each business idea and includes lots of specifics—under freelancing, for example, readers will find a link to a place where new writers can make $100 per article. Learn how one fifteen year old boy made $4,000 working afternoons only in one summer. Scan a list of extraordinary, fun ways to take your babysitting gig to the next level—and the next—and the next.

There’s always room for growth; always ways to serve more, produce more, and earn more.

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