Teenagers in Crisis

Over the past hundred years of American history, there have been forces at work secretly reshaping our society in its many facets—everything from government, foreign policy, money, the economy, and welfare to education, health care, charity, entertainment, the roles of males and females, the twisting of our vocabulary, and many other cultural issues. Things today are not what they were in earlier American history. Some changes have been for the better, such as technology, while many changes have been intentionally for the worse.

Who are these hidden forces? And what is their ultimate agenda? Or are the difficult problems we face as a nation merely an accident, resulting from random coincidence?

The answer to these and similar questions share a common answer: there are people who want to rule the world—there always has been and always will be. Power is a corrupting influence. To the ordinary person who wants to live peacefully and let others do the same, this is a perplexity. Yet there are those who want to form a world government with themselves in control. Whether they come in guises and names such as the Illuminati of the late 18th century, the Communist Party of the 20th century, or the globalists and neo-conservatives of our own time, their ever-changing names are hardly significant, while their common agenda is. Call it what you will, this Conspiracy against God and man continues to work subversively today, and their ultimate goal is world domination. . .and they are not as far as you might think from reaching their satanic objective.

One of the major goals of the Conspiracy has always been to destroy the family—the foundational core of every successful society. In Marx and Engels’ 1848 Communist Manifesto they predicted, “Abolition of the family!… The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course…” The tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto outlined their plan for abolishing the God-ordained institution: “Free education for all children in public schools.” This apparently benevolent proposition might appear desirable to the casual observer, but when one looks at the deeper agenda behind these words, a different story is told. All is not done for the ‘good of the children’. This is only the bait for those willing to innocently take it.

Well, now we have “free” education through public schools as planned by the Communists. They are working out wonderfully well, aren’t they? We now experience widespread illiteracy, school shootings, and unpreparedness for life. The public schools are handing society high school students who can’t read their diplomas, drugged “problem” kids, atheistic socialists, and immoral, irresponsible loafers. Today’s teens are in crisis.

Many of the modern problems youth are confronted with can be traced directly to the deliberate destruction of the family. Because teens have not been having healthy relationships with their parents up to this significant time in their life, they are unable to go to them for help, wisdom, and guidance during these critical years. All their life they have been shipped off to public schools for indoctrination and babysitting. Now, suffering through high school, they still have no one to turn to for a meaningful relationship, and instead are expected and encouraged to go through one immoral relationship after another and experience the hurting, pain, and lifelong consequences that follow sin.

The government schools are devoid of those things conducive to a healthy childhood—love, discipline, biblical truths, patriotism, great role models, real education; the list of what schools are missing goes on and on. These things are intentionally missing, and they have been carefully eradicated over the past century. Today we are seeing the undesirable fruits of taking family, faith, and love of country out of the equation.

Selfish “me-ism” is expected of teens today, the essence of humanism. True happiness and fulfillment are reached when an individual reaches out to help others, and finds a way to do good. About two thousand years ago it was said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Youth today are encouraged by socialists and atheists to abandon faith, morality, Truth, responsibility, and every other quality that made America great in her early days, and instead pursue irresponsibility, reckless pleasure, foolishness, and laziness. Society has been conditioned to believe that “teenagers” are somehow a special race that should get to enjoy the freedoms of adults without the responsibilities of adults. This disconnectedness between freedoms and responsibilities—which should go hand-in-hand—creates an environment asking for trouble. Consider how adults enjoy all the normal American freedoms, yet the use of these freedoms is balanced with the need of providing for themselves—and often a family—with food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Unfortunately today we see the government subsidizing laziness resulting in perfectly capable adults choosing to live irresponsibly on the dole instead of providing for themselves. Those on welfare live in an unrealistic “bubble” where their needs are provided for and they can pursue whatever unprofitable things they can think of. Adults in this condition are in a perpetual state of immaturity; they are allowed to continue in the societal irresponsible norms for teens well into their lives, and sometimes they remain in this dependent immature state their whole lives. Many teens really don’t enjoy this empty lifestyle deep down inside, but many don’t know a better way. They aren’t taught it in school, and often times they don’t learn the fundamentals of achieving true joy and satisfaction at home or at church, either.

Child labor laws restrict the free market and the choices of parents and employers. With parental guidance, mature youth who are ready and able to handle a job should be able to get one so they can be productive. Early job opportunities allow teens to learn the value of hard work, money, and reliability, as well as gain valuable workplace experience that will serve them well later on. Additionally, it provides them with something productive to do. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and busy hands have less time to engage in foolishness. As late author Taylor Caldwell wrote of her teenage years during the 1910’s in her autobiography, On Growing Up Tough, “When I was ten I was working at the local market on Saturday filling up bags and helping wait on customers. I looked all of fifteen. When I was indeed fifteen I held a full-time job as a secretary. (I had paid for my own tuition at the Hurst Business School.) After work I went to night high school. Sunday was my “free” day. I had a Sunday-school class of my own, then hurried home to help with dinner, prepare my clothing for the next day, and do my homework. I was up at half-past five to get my father’s breakfast and mine and my brother’s, wash up, hastily glance over schoolwork, and was out into the street at six-forty on the way to work. Not much time for loitering! In America of those days there was no time to be a ‘teenager,’ or to have the adolescent ‘turmoils.’ None of my schoolmates ended up on welfare rolls, even during the Great Depression, nor were any of them criminals, thieves, murderers, or whiners.”

Teens and their parents should decide on something productive for the teen to do during these years that are bursting with potential. It could include volunteering, getting a paying job, starting a business, investing in their family, serving in the community, or other contributions. Through helping out in various ways during these years, teens can gain experience, see the options, and figure out what they want for their career. They can find their passions and “sweet spots.” Youth have energy, enthusiasm, and potential—they should not let this be wasted on simply “having fun!”

The teen years are a prime time for learning. The young mind is quick to pick things up, and they certainly have more time to spend in studies than adults, who have all the demands and responsibilities of life. This crucial time of preparation can be spent in self-education through books, videos, and the Internet. After getting a solid foundation in the essential subjects of formal schooling, the teen is prepared to dive deeper into subjects that interest them. This exploration of how the world works propelled by self-education paves the way to being a life-long learner.

What can be done about millions of teens in crisis today, tomorrow, and in the future? Is there any way to stop this national downhill trend? Today’s teens are the adults of tomorrow. This is an alarming prospect considering the state of the majority of today’s youth.

In the last chapter in the Old Testament, God issued a warning to His people: “Restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4:6)

It begins with fathers, the God-appointed leaders of their families. Equipping their children for successful adulthood should be every father’s goal. The father-mother team should train and empower their children to be responsible, informed men and women—the kind who founded America on the great principles of patriotism, godliness, and hard work.

Close parent-teen relationships will sustain teens through the changes and difficulties of these trying years filled with opportunities for growth and learning. A childhood of being devoted to the Word of God will prepare every young person for the moral and ethical decisions they begin to face when they become accountable to God. In God’s perfect system of healthy families with strong leadership and strong relationships, teens are well on their way to becoming the responsible adults of tomorrow we desperately need.


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