Victory in Virginia!

Friends of the US Constitution across the nation will rejoice to hear that on Tuesday, January 31st, all three Constitutional Convention applications introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates were tabled in committee and are dead. This was no accident. This victory is the result of the persistence of the dedicated members of a Virginia coalition called Citizens to Preserve the Constitution.

This dedicated group of patriots has been consistently educating and informing the Virginia General Assembly (GA) year after year. Virginia passed its rescission resolution in 2004, also thanks to the tireless efforts of Virginians who wanted our amazing Constitution to be preserved for future generations.

To make a long story short, a Constitutional Convention (aka Convention of States, Article V Convention, Con-Con) would allow the politicians and special interests to rewrite our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is a dangerous proposition! The very thought of our Constitution being opened for revision in modern America is frightening. But state legislators across the country are being deceived by proponents of an Article V Convention, who claim that the convention will be limited to specific amendment(s) that would “fix” the Constitution.

Actually, the Constitution isn’t broken, and therefore it doesn’t need fixing. What needs to be done in order to solve the dire problems in our country—including the debt crisis—is to educate and inform the electorate so that Constitutionalists will be elected to every level of government. The Constitution must be obeyed, in order for our problems to be solved—not revised.

Much appreciation is due to the patriots who have been diligently traveling day after day to Richmond, bringing the truth to the GA. It is because of people like these, all across America, and throughout American history, that we still enjoy a relatively free society through the US Constitution. I encourage you to get involved today and make a difference for future generations!

For more information on the dangers of a Constitutional Convention:

Reading Materials:

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Logical Fallacies with Michael Farris

To get involved in this battle to preserve the Constitution, visit The John Birch Society’s Stop a Con-Con Action page.


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