Is The John Birch Society for Me?

Here are the. . .

Top Ten Reasons to Join The John Birch Society

  1. The JBS is the most effective educational-action army in the nation
  2. You’ll be able to tap into the tools and resources of the JBS resulting from 58 years of defending liberty in America
  3. The JBS does not follow the lead of the neoconservative establishment and their false ‘solutions’ but rather expose them
  4. The Society chooses its battles wisely, focusing on issues that are real threats, rather than counterproductive rabbit trails introduced by the media to throw conservatives in a million different directions
  5. You’ll get The New American magazine twice a month—reporting on real news and real threats to our liberties that aren’t reported by establishment media
  6. You’ll get the JBS monthly Bulletin—providing the concerted action agenda nationwide that time and again has set back the goals of the New World Order
  7. You’ll be the kind of responsible, informed citizen the Founders knew were so necessary to preserve the Republic
  8. You’ll be helping to restore America’s liberties for future generations
  9. You will be working with others toward less government, more responsibility, and—with God’s help—a better world
  10. Meaningful action combined with a good understanding of our Constitutional Republic will make you dangerous to the New World Order!

And here are the. . .

Top Ten Reasons Not to Join The John Birch Society

  1. There will be expectations
  2. You will be monthly accountable to your chapter leader to report your action that month
  3. You’ll have to stay focused on the agenda items rather than whatever suits your present fancy
  4. You will be asked to do scary things such as educate yourself, talk to your family, friends, and co-workers, and get to know your representatives
  5. You’ll be forced time and again to step outside your comfort zone and grow
  6. Any effectiveness of action on your part will earn you the scorn (or worse) of the liberals, the establishment, the media, and the enemies of freedom in general
  7. You might get called a nutty conspiracy theorist
  8. Yeah. . .you’ll be fighting to restore obedience to that out-dated document written by a bunch of oppressive white guys back in the 18th century (a.k.a. the Constitution)
  9. You’ll have to be involved in real action—which means real work—not a debating society, a discussion group, or some feel-good rallies
  10. Wouldn’t you rather stay home, forget The John Birch Society, and just pray for a miracle?


Of course, there are pros and cons to every decision, and joining The John Birch Society is no different. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

Election cycles, tea parties, and other temporary movements come and go, but The John Birch Society continues fighting for our liberties!

All that being said, I hope you can clearly see whether you are a Bircher at heart, passionate about saving America from the New World Order, and willing to do what it takes to restore the Republic!

Visit to learn more about getting involved!

. . .and it’s every citizen’s duty to responsibly work to preserve it.

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