Fixing the Real Problem

It’s presidential election year again! Every four years there is a big to-do about who America’s next chief executive will be. It means excitement, debates, rallies, fundraisers, partisan politics, increased civic involvement, rallying behind politicians, etc. The presidential race becomes a huge distraction for many well-meaning patriots who throw their time, money, and political efforts into campaigning for whomever they think should become president. Many of these supposedly “conservative” candidates are in fact no friends of the Constitution at all. We should always measure candidates (for any public office) by their loyalty to, and track-record of abiding by, our Constitution.

A significant point often missed by those distracted with presidential politics is that the president really does not, according to the Constitution, hold much power. This is a good thing! The Founders did not want too much power delegated to any man, and this is why we have Congress. The real lawmakers in our land are those we elect to Congress. If Congress abides by the Constitution, then the president will be held accountable for his actions, and that problem is fixed. But if we somehow managed to send a Constitutionalist to the White House next year, while our capitol remains filled with a bunch of lying politicians who delight in burdening us with ridiculous amounts of rules and regulations that choke the free market, how much good could really be done by the new president with a Congress like that? The key to reigning in the government is Congress.

Imagine a mad dog in your neighborhood who is viciously attacking your child. Would you dash over to the chaotic scene and put all your focus into simply preventing the dog from biting by shutting the dog’s mouth and trying to keep it shut at all costs, even while the dog continues to kick, claw, scratch, and injure with the rest of his body? Or would you instead focus your energy on immobilizing the dog itself? If you kick the dog so hard in the ribs that he flies into the street and limps away whining, you have controlled the harmful beast itself, and you no longer need worry about simply containing the mouth of the dog.

So it is with our federal government. The president is under the authority of Congress, who has the power to impeach him for violating his oath to the Constitution. If we force Congress to abide by the Constitution, by extension our over-reaching president problem will be fixed as well if he wants to keep his job.

Which part of the federal government writes the laws that affect our daily lives? Who taxes us so heavily? Who regulates us nearly to death? Who gets to declare war? Who’s in charge of our money supply? Who is in control of the vast bureaucracy encroaching on our rights? The answer to all of these is Congress. Most people would agree that Congress has been doing a terrible job at each of these things, and that’s because they aren’t acting in accordance with the Constitution. Who must we then focus on fixing? Congress!

If there were any Constitutionalists currently running for president (and that’s a big if), certainly it would be good to support them. A president who strictly obeys the Constitution would be the most excellent president possible! Yet our federal representatives would still be the ones who held the law-making powers. They are the key to restoring obedience to the Constitution.

With this in mind, why does the mainstream media focus so much on the presidential race? It is obvious that the mass media don’t want a return to the Constitution—it is obvious in how they treat any Constitutionally-minded candidates: ignore, ridicule, smear, slander…they go at great lengths to keep the public from hearing the candidate’s real views just in case the public actually decided that limited government and free markets sounded like worthy objectives. So the mass media, being anti-Constitution to put it simply, why do they focus so much on presidential races and try to make them seem enormously important? They are experts at manipulating public opinion and they successfully divert the public eye from where it should be: returning to the Constitution and holding all public servants accountable to their oath of office.

The mass media also skillfully uses the presidential races to divide patriots, which greatly hinders the patriot cause. It is foolish for us to refuse to work with patriots of like-mind simply because we support different candidates.

Let’s not let them dupe us into pouring all our efforts into the presidential race while ignoring our even more important civic responsibilities. What if all the Constitutionalists today who are divided on presidential candidates instead united and worked more on getting their family, friends, and neighbors informed so we could elect federal representatives who are dedicated to liberty, freedom, and the Constitution? Let’s get going! Find out how at


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