Gun Control

Every time there is another tragic mass shooting, President Obama has virtually the same message: “Our hearts go out to the victims…we need more gun control!”

While the idea of gun control sounds on the surface like it might solve the violence problem, the reality is, gun control never has—and never will—end violence. And why the war on guns? Many everyday items can be, and have been, used for violence. It would be absurd to impose regulations, background checks, and permits on every item that can be used to inflict harm on another person. The idea that government, by controlling external objects, can eradicate internally chosen violence is naïve at best. The fact is, a criminal bent on doing harm to someone else will do that harm with or without guns.

Not only do gun control laws fail to end crime, but they actually give an advantage to the criminals! Criminals are law-breakers by nature. They don’t care if they have an illegal or unlicensed gun. In other words, they don’t try to stay in line with the law on their road to crime. The only people who are actually inhibited by gun regulations are the law-abiding citizens, who dutifully comply with the whims of the law-makers.

Ever notice that many mass-shootings happen in gun-free zones? The criminals aren’t stupid; they know they won’t run into armed opposition in these zones. The unarmed law-abiding citizens are then made helpless victims waiting to be shot by the armed villain, who, thanks to restrictive gun laws or the “gun-free” zone, has a huge advantage.

Guns are an excellent invention for everyone—but especially for women! Guns have better equipped us to be able to defend ourselves, even against the huge muscular would-be robbers, rapists, or even murderers. Talk about making men and women “equal!” The great “equalizer” is under attack, yet it’s the smaller and weaker people who would be negatively affected by gun control—not the attackers.

So if gun-control hasn’t, doesn’t, and won’t work, why are there those in government who are so eager to take away our guns?

The sober truth is that there is a much deeper agenda. “Reducing violence” is their illogical excuse for cracking down on gun owners.

Throughout history it has been the would-be tyrants of the world who want nothing more than to disarm their citizenry. When this is done, what can the common people do to stop the tyrants? They, their cronies, and their army are now the ones with the weapons, and the people are defenseless subjects, hardly able to resist and restore freedom.

This is why the U.S. Constitution does not give any authority whatsoever to Congress (or the president for that matter) to have anything to do with guns and their owners. The 2nd Amendment to our Constitution says, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Could the Founders have been any more clear? Hardly! Yet, in disregard to our governing document, efforts are being made to strictly regulate guns and gun owners.

It is very clear that the federal government has no power given by the Constitution over our guns.

As for state and local governments, the 10th Amendment of the Constitution leaves “the powers not delegated” to the federal government up to the states and the people. Naturally, this will mean some states choose to place heavy restrictions on gun use, and in some cases even make it illegal. Other states would not regulate firearms at all. What would happen? Highly restrictive states, such as California or New York, would be the flocking place for criminals who wish for no opposition to their evil deeds. Freer states would be the place for freedom-loving individuals who want to protect their life, liberty, and property.

Can you imagine the gun regulations in place today if they were in place at the time of pioneers, cowboys, and Indians in the American West? Permits, background checks, rules upon rules laid on gun distributors…it wouldn’t have been acceptable to the people of the time period—not for a moment. Why should we allow government to exert their power over firearms and their owners today?

There is only one acceptable form of gun control. As former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer said, “I guess I kind of believe in gun control: You control your gun, and I’ll control mine.” This kind of gun control is what allows for a free society—guns are used to help people defend themselves, their loved ones, and their property. It also has a way of keeping the government in check, when government knows the citizenry are well-armed.

Of course tyrannical governments have always been adamant about disarming the citizenry, so they might more easily enslave them. (Which should be a warning for us if gun-control is being pushed for by those power-hungry politicians!) A free society should never allow any infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. If a government does so much as require the people to register their guns, this is a bad sign of what may be coming next, since gun registration always precedes gun confiscation.

So beware of Obama and any other politician who calls for more gun control laws!


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